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  1. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    Had a good workout today then trimmed the grass. Full body daily is what ige been mostly doing. Sorry for infrequent posting, i have received some unwanted attention lately and been stressed tfo. The product is still working wonders, getting lots of stares, arms are shredded, veins on...
  2. FLsnakeman

    Raising the Var

    I only had var once and loved it. I have yet to combine it with tren. Wanna do that someday.
  3. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    Full body workout today. Roughly 300 pushups including incline decline diamond and plank, light weight squats to failure 10 times, dumbell flies, db ohp, lots of curls and finishing up with pullups. Can we call this a 10pack? Top5 abs on asf? My abs are looking crazy better than in the...
  4. FLsnakeman

    Gold line loggers needed

    Ep gold cutting mix plus and LOVE IT
  5. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    This blend mighy be my favorite aas product ive run yet. I would even use this with a surplus for lean bulking. This far in, i still get a very nice lift after pinning. Ep gold tops are worth the price if you got it.
  6. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    Hey yall sorry about missing my post a cpp days i had a stomach bug and bleh. I think i overcorrected my calories. Still making progress, pics don't do justice, getting serious definition here and sick vascularity. E2 is normalized, backing up on ai. My rep ranges are getting ridiculous...
  7. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    It burns going in for sure. I'd have been worried if it didn't. There's not much pip the next day, so it's absorbing well. I'm a pretty crazy dude all around and sometimes i swear im calmer on tren or at least a little bit emotionally detached. Its also nice that my digestive system runs...
  8. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    I'll be tapering the ai down a bit. I was using more at first til my nips stop itching. I have a bad habit of losing my ais and it fucked me during the inj dbol run. Bouncing back and forth between gfs place when we gettin along and moms. My e2 feels pretty good right now nip itch is way...
  9. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    I'm gonna be peeling some off one way or another but i wasn't prepared for the appetite spike this blend gives me. I'm a bottomless pit. The tren is fire, all the typical stuff i get from tren seems a bit more over the top namely appetite. I'm hungry again an hr after a meal. I tolerate...
  10. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    Idk if anyone else does this, but i like taking a dumbell in each hand, doing a squat or lunge, then curl, then up into a shoulder press with one fluid movement and rep it out. Is there a word for this?
  11. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    I'm up a few lbs to 207. Had a great morning workout today with a multitude of chest workouts after wearing out my arms doing dumbell curls and presses. I know this is supposed to be a cutting log but i was caught a little off guard with the tren hunger and been eating too much. I'm already...
  12. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    Already noticing strength going up, and my appetite is out of control. The tren munchies are definitely there, arms looking full and vascular. I actually put on a few lbs so far but not showing in the mirror. Gotta cut calories back but holy moly the appetite on this! I've settled into a...
  13. FLsnakeman

    Inject superdrol vs Testosterone no ester for pre workout

    Gc used to have aqua test that was better than anything it seemed like back then. I love the injectable superdrol. It's a great boost and seems to not have much in the way of toxic sides like the oral.
  14. FLsnakeman

    Long-Term Fat Loss: Is the Afterburn Effect Burnt Out?

    And tren. Don't forget the tren 😁
  15. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    I got a tiger by the tail with this girl i been with. Things get a little crazy sometimes.
  16. FLsnakeman

    Ep gold cutting mix plus log

    6'3 200, going for recomp and definition for my most shredded look ever. Starting things off today with a full ml, it definitely has a little bite as expected but nothing too crazy. Dumbell flies, shoulder presses, curls, and multiple calisthenics done to failure today. Let's see how cut i...
  17. FLsnakeman

    TD! log inc cutting mix plus with porn

    Log starting next week going for my most shredded ever! Can't wait to crack this open. Thanks the unclez crew for this awesome opportunity!
  18. FLsnakeman

    Dbol50 sponsored log thanks unclez!

    I don't add much salt to my food but i don't restrict it either. I always take a multivitamin, fish oil, enzymes, p5p, and lecithin. I get alot of my macros from blending whey protein with milk and whole grain cereal.
  19. FLsnakeman

    Music for trainings

    I like a little of everything but angry hip hop really gets me going for strength training.
  20. FLsnakeman

    V’s GC + PL Log

    This is gonna be a good one. V is straight diesel.