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    Aromasin and or Nolvadex causing cough?

    anyone heard of this? if not ill look into it more but right now im taking 25mg Aromasin ED and 20mg Nolva ED to get rid of puffiness around nipples. my cycle was 500mg test E 10 weeks. its going on week 13 and im about to start Clomid and nolva but im having this dry cough that i cant explain...
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    HA, So, I messed up bigtime looks like

    So I decided to do my first cycle this summer, 500mg test e 1x week for 10 weeks. age 25 260lbs not only did I start it with the mindset that i mapped everything out and soaked up as much knowledge before starting my cycle, im on week 10, aromasin on the way, super low on nolva and now i fear...
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    Can i do this in the middle of my cycle?

    Ive been cycling test e for 10 weeks now, but because of supply i had to make a call for these past 2 weeks. The first 8 weeks i was cycling 500mg but when i realized how little i had left i had to split it up, week 9 at 250mg and this week 125mg. I will have 5 more weeks of supply in a few...
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    What could this be?

    Hey guys, I need some advice and I thought id start here. I'm doing 500mg Test /week, nothing else because this is my first cycle. (also id like to add that everywhere you go to find a beginner cycle there are different recommendations on how to go about a cycle) some say this is good enough +...
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    New Guy

    Hello I'm new here, obviously lol. I've been looking around for about a week and I've learned a lot from you all in this forum, so I made an acct so I could interact and learn more. seems like my kind of people! Stats: Age: 25 Height: 5'11" Weight: 250lbs