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  1. livint54

    2nd td

    2nd time using gear church and everything is always the same. Fast communication and even faster shipping. I’m 2 weeks on my test/tren/mast blend with sd as a kicker and loving it. I had to pick up some anavar adex clen test cyp and this tpp/npp/mast combo everyone seems to be liking.
  2. livint54

    Nice TD

    Been doing my research and have herd nothing but good news from GC so decided to pull the trigger. Made a decent order. Communication was on point. Shipping was lighting fast. Happy to be a part of the team. A product changed in price due to dosage being upped but wasn’t updated on the list so...
  3. livint54

    Kevin Levrone is back.

    Getting excited to watch the Olympia now. His genetics are unreal
  4. livint54

    Trt bloodwork question

    Ônce I come off my blast of mast e test e and tren e and start my trt how long should I wait to do bloods? Wanted to make sure tren e and mast e was out of the system plus wanted to give test time to lower to be in range.
  5. livint54

    Log in problems

    Anyone else having log in problems? I've ordered from basic 3 times and never had problems with my password now it won't let me sign in. When I go to forgot password it emails me a link to change but the link just says error
  6. livint54

    AG bloodwork

    Got my bloodwork back from AG test cyp have my base bloods then on cycle bloods pins went as followed Monday and Thursday Week 1 375mg week 2 500mg week 3 500mg week 4 500mg week 5 250mg pinned Monday bloods Thursday. Was taking Adex .5mg Monday Wednesday and Friday. Will bump to 1mg three...
  7. livint54

    Blood work question.

    I just wanted to make sure from people who have got bloodwork from privatemdlab if this is the cheapest one that covers test levels over 1500. The Hormone Panel with F&T Testosterone LC/MS-MS
  8. livint54

    Steak and BJ contest

    Pack landed for the steak and bj contest. everything came as said. Never tried test base so looking forward to giving it a try here soon. Wanted to thank dannie and basicstero for the contest and prizes.
  9. livint54

    Wet seduction the slayer.

    Anybody watch this Kai Greene believe documentary? Idk what the fuck I'm watching but man I feel like I wasted 4 dollars. I wasted 10 minutes of pay for this. 😔😔😔
  10. livint54

    Broke drank.

    Still a little young 27 but got my own house 2 cars and 2 kids. I pretty much stay broke but like to have a little fun when I can. Anyone else have to drink like they were a jobless 16 year old all the time 😭😭😭😭?
  11. livint54

    Midget sex

    If you had to pick one to screw. Which one would it be? I'd take the one on the right.
  12. livint54

    Pre cycle bloods

    New to the bloodwork thing so asking for a little help. I can see my test level is low but was wondering if everything else looks good. I've been off for over a year due to rupturing my Achilles. Any help would be great
  13. livint54

    Dnp cycle

    So I did a little Dnp cycle for 2 weeks. 1 week and 250 the next week a 500. Second week was a little hard. Hot all the time. Sweating while sleep but not to bad. 3 days out have a little more water weight I'm guessing to lose. As of now I'm down 6 pounds. Diet has been decent. One cheat day a...
  14. livint54

    Little td

    Just a little Td of things I needed to start my cycle here in April.
  15. livint54

    Cycle setup

    Looking to see if there was any input on my cutting cycle I'm looking to run. Have some stuff but going to get the rest on the sale. 1-3 mix 2 (1ml 3xweek) 4-13 mix 6 (1ml 2xweek) 6-13 var 80mg Ed arimidex .5 eod i got post cycle set up not to worried about that just wondering if the doses...
  16. livint54

    Prostate tickling!!

    I have this chick that for whatever reason likes to lick my ass during a blowjob. Which does feel great. But last time she tried to slip a finger in there to do a little bit of tickling or to finger blast my butt. Is it gay if I let her try to tickle my prostate?
  17. livint54

    Transformation Tuesday.

    We should have a post of people just getting gainz from day 1 to now or just a week ago. Something to see gainz and to keep others motivated. I'm tired of seeing fat cows lose 10 pounds of muscle of Facebook just to show off there fat.
  18. livint54

    A question out of curiosity?

    I love to read and find new info on cycles and test in general so I had wanted to figure out a question I have always wondered. Sorry if it had been answered I tried to search on here but I might not of worded it correctly. I know now you most likely won't need it tell a older older age when...