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  1. BOGNERrocker

    Anxiety /depression Medicine?

    Any sources carry? Or reps? Care to pm?
  2. BOGNERrocker

    So much for donating.

    So I guess normal hemoglobin levels are 13-20 Mine was 20.9 So they said I can’t donate.. I asked how do I get this number in range they laughed and said “Donate” then got director on phone cases they weren’t sure what to do. He says go to doctor to see why levels are off. But I already know...
  3. BOGNERrocker


    Need to upgrade my beats wireless earbuds What do yal like for headphones that don’t slip all over when your drenched with sweat and for decent sound????
  4. BOGNERrocker


    Adhome01 is one solid ass dude!!!! I’m usually Very Nervous dealing with new folks but I just wanted to give an unbiased shout out and thanks to this dude for being so damn helpful and going above and beyond for a member. DG got one hell of a rep!
  5. BOGNERrocker

    Tren higher then test

    So when running tren and test I hear lots of folks say running lower test and tren HIGH means LESS side effects??? Is this a result of anabolic/androgenic ratio of the two???
  6. BOGNERrocker

    BCAAS or EAAS????

    I want to keep giving fasted cardio a try and figured I’ll stick up on one of the two but which would you recommend I use for fasted cardio sessions??? Standard bcaas or eaas ? Or fuck it don’t matter?
  7. BOGNERrocker

    Btc options

    So coinbase booted me long ago not sure why but I assume they flagged a transaction or some shit who knows So I went to coinmama and they actually were great for purchasing and I added extra wallets for security Now coinmama getting super strict and wants extra documents like birth...
  8. BOGNERrocker


    Where’s the gym selfies at!!!!!!! Who lifts in this fucking forum??? Don’t even matter if your big I just wanna know who fuckin lifts. [emoji1430][emoji12]
  9. BOGNERrocker

    PREWORKOUT nonstim

    What do you all like to use for pre-workout without the insane stimulant BS. I mean what’s some USEFUL things you guys REALLY LIKE to incorporate to use before a good session?? Carbs? Bcaas? Cialis?
  10. BOGNERrocker


    Just thought I’d post something for members to fight, bicker and insult eachother over since that’s the main thing that goes on in ASF [emoji23]
  11. BOGNERrocker

    Fasted cardio bullshit

    I’m wondering why there’s still handful of people that still follow this trend that fasted cardio will be more effective for fat burn vs cardio at fed state. In 24hr period? When recent studies and science disputes these claims? In the end, it doesn't make a bit of difference. You need to...
  12. BOGNERrocker


    Ok so if a female wanted to START on test What is typical starting dose for women? And is it true women are supposed to use shorter esters to start with for assessing sides? I’ve heard that one should start with 10mg weekly and heard that they should start at 25-30mg weekly Some saying they...
  13. BOGNERrocker

    Tren ace run.

    How long do you all typically run tren Ace for??? I’m about 5 weeks in. Sides are mild. 450mg weekly Have cut nicely so far just curious how long most tend to run it? I don’t wanna go too long but don’t wanna stop too early.
  14. BOGNERrocker


    Who's got the best deals on LEGIT proviron right now?? I'm a cheap broke ass and just looking for best deal here..
  15. BOGNERrocker

    Whats longest youve blasted??

    Just curious??
  16. BOGNERrocker

    BOGNERROCKER's LOG phase 2

    BEGINNING OF FIRST LOG TODAY Figure I'll start 2nd year of gear use in new log start fresh. Stats, Age:33 Height : 5'9" Weight: 192lbs Goal to gain muscle mass continuously with minimum fat gain. Training split Monday: back/bis Tuesday: shoulders Wednesday: off Thursday: chest/tri...
  17. BOGNERrocker

    Who's got the best racist memes!!?

    Having meme war with friend I need help! Who has the most insane racist memes?? Lmao
  18. BOGNERrocker


    Know anyone that sells these?? Epinephrine injection? For allergic reactions NOT recreational Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. BOGNERrocker

    High test and HOT all the time?

    Anyone else stay warm or hot nearly all the time when on test doses around 750-900mg week?? Blood pressure is decent. Bout to cruise but was just curious about the constant furnace feeling lol
  20. BOGNERrocker

    Bitcoinsteroid gone

    Guess they never renewed their spot here but anyone still using them or know if they're still g2g?