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  1. christiantt

    Tren / The Boys / Compound V

    Light hearted question: Is Tren the closest thing on earth comparable to Compound V in the show The Boys? The Boys is an acquired taste for some, I know. But I was able to get into the show and enjoy it. Give it a shot if you haven't......on Amazon.*
  2. christiantt

    Right upper pec tear. HGH spot injection re healing???

    Posted this in another section. Not much traction. Hoping someone, anyone, can help me..... Not sure how bad the tear is, but I definitely hurt myself today. Not sure the severity.....tomorrow and next couple days will certainly tell. Was doing incline bar, 315, weight I have done many times...
  3. christiantt

    Right upper pec tear. HGH question re spot injecting for healing

    Not sure how bad the tear is, but I definitely hurt myself today. Not sure the severity.....tomorrow and next couple days will certainly tell. Was doing incline bar, 315, weight I have done many times before for reps. Have had rough past 30 days with marriage stuff, drank more than usual, diet...
  4. christiantt

    How Tren Saved my Marriage

    So, just completed my first Tren cycle last week. Interesting experience, to say the least. It is a wonderful drug and actually produced deeply and insightful clarity, especially on the emotional front. Quick background: I have ran Mast cycles, EQ, high test. Nothing really mind blowing, basic...
  5. christiantt

    Pfizer microchip pills. Not kidding......

    So, still crazy conspiracy theories, right? Microchips in pills to track us, what we do, own our bodies? Sick, sick, evil motherfuckers. Do not comply with them. Ever. 'Imagine The Compliance': Pfizer CEO Pitched Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills Flashback: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla dazzled...
  6. christiantt

    10% for the Big Guy: Biden Laptop Emails Published

    I wonder what it will take for these criminals to finally be brought to justice? The crimes committed by this crackhead and his criminal father would land us in jail for life.... Over 120,000 Hunter Biden laptop emails uploaded to searchable database. A former Trump White House staffer has...
  7. christiantt

    Donating blood helps remove "forever chemicals" from the body

    This is really interesting and just ANOTHER reason to donate blood regularly. NEW RESEARCH SHOWS DONATING BLOOD HELPS REMOVE "FOREVER CHEMICALS" FROM THE BODY SOURCE...
  8. christiantt

    Mask Mandate is done....thank fucking God

    Sorry libs, the days of living out your little tyrant fantasies are over. Thanks to a Trump federally appointed judge, mask mandates on planes, etc are found to be unconstitutional. Wow......I would never imagine that Fauci and Biden and all the rest of the vermin would ever do such a thing. I...
  9. christiantt

    SB Mast E

    First, love SB and they are my go to. Have used their products in the past and have been nothing but 100% satisfied. Contemplating a Mast run soon once I shed off another 10-15pds. I want to harden up and maintain strength......looking at 12-14wks at most (300-400/mast/wk ; 400-500/test c/wk ...
  10. christiantt

    $2 Million Steroid Bust in Boca Raton, FL

    Check this shit out. Back story is this guy ran/owned a low t clinic with a "crooked" doc who would write testosterone scrips for anybody. Seems he also sold test and other steroids outside the clinic channel. Cops used a CI to facilitate the bust...
  11. christiantt

    Masteron - cholesterol link?

    Quick background: Finished a deca run (first time) about 3 months ago, made great gains. Downside, however, was my cholesterol was negatively affected. Once stopping the deca and eating extremely clean and increasing cardio, cholesterol came back in check. The deca program was for roughly 13wks...
  12. christiantt

    Pfizer Bad News Coming Out

    Pfizer is a public company and, as such, has vastly different reporting and information disclosure requirements than a private company. Their public filings are akin to a qualitative and quantitative corporate autopsy......or at least they should be. These filings can be voluminous, especially...
  13. christiantt

    Another perfect TD

    Stocking up test and proviron from my go to, SB. Just blinked and the package was there, perfect as usual. SB = Superior quality & service!!
  14. christiantt

    Another successful TD

    Test was running low so scooped up a handful of test c and some sustanon. Did first pin of the sust today, smooth as silk. Perfection as usual across the board. Love these guys and can't go wrong with them.
  15. christiantt

    TD!! SB on point

    Super fast turnaround as usual with zero problems. Picked up a couple deca and a couple proviron. Professional packaging....pristine. Product quality is always top notch. I take SB's proviron daily, 25mg, in conjunction with trt. Absolutely love it. SB is one of the best sources on the boards, imo.
  16. christiantt

    Proviron source?

    Whats up guys. Looking for a proviron source, domestic. My usual go-to's are out, don't have any. Any help is much appreciated.
  17. christiantt

    Low dose deca in conjunction with TRT?

    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving guys. Hope all is well with everyone. Question: Thoughts on running 50-100/mg week deca in conjunction with 200mg/wk trt? The deca wouldn't be prescribed. I have read pros and cons regarding the protocol and looking for some feedback here. Mainly concerned...
  18. christiantt

    Interesting facts about Rittenhouse

    Read the below and tell me you aren't behind Rittenhouse even more now. Thank God he got acquitted. Fuck everyone who wanted to, or tried to, ruin this kids life. "The odds were stacked against Rittenhouse from the start. Kyle comes from a working-class background in a rust belt town, the auto...
  19. christiantt

    Fat Gripz: Any opinions?

    Anybody have any experience with this product or similar ones? Mechanically, it seems to make sense. There is a smith machine at my gym and the bar is extra thick, way beyond any standard barbell. Anyways, I rack the smith bar at the highest rung and when I do pull ups on it, it definitely...
  20. christiantt

    Plandemic: Project Runway in April 2019 had contestant named Kovid who wore a mask

    Project Runway in April 2019 had contestant named Kovid who wore a mask Not fucking kidding. Nothing to see here.......just go back to CNN lavishing praise on babbling Biden and High Covid Priest Fauci. These bastards were letting us know, just like with the 2012 London Olympics opening...