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  1. PhDofGainz

    Need a place for prednisone without script

    My dog has some serious allergies and the best thing for her is prednisone an a Benadryl but we are out of prednisone and I will be damn if I have to pay that vet every month just to get them to fill the script again. I'm looking for somewhere be it online or email where I can grab some 5-10mg...
  2. PhDofGainz

    New to ASF but looking to learn and spread what I know

    Hey guys! So I've been only using AAS for 2 years but have made extreme leaps and bounds to my physique. I started the game with 250mg test e a week for 8 week, this was in 2013 at a mere 155lbs after a horrible abusive relationship with a woman who had body/eating issues. I know it seems like a...