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    Has anyone done any testing?

    Does anyone have any reviews on the var and does anyone have any current lab tests from Jano or other to show? Thank you ~

    Holiday treats?

    Is there any chance of sales this holidays to get the king labs good word out there? thanks

    Open or not

    Is this Thread out of commision?

    HGH HELP pls and ty.... How to read a HPLC test

    What are Bad - DECENT -and- GREAT numbers for, for whatever numbers of the GHG test is the most important. I know the Dimer is a number to look at, but the other points I am unsure of. I was sent a link, to like a breakdown with, literally a Chemistry 3 like definition(Gibberish). I...


    Are shipping times more or less on track? holiday season is just unbearable for people like us lol. any info would be helpful

    I Cant wait to receive my gear from psl after what I've seen on here and other sites

    With all these solid posts, I cannot wait to get my own gear.. i will share a log or a weekly update with you all so you know how I'm fairing.

    Curious what you guys are running PSL's ANADROLL at

    I typically start at 50 and make my way to 100... I have been hearing really good things about this line so i think my approach is definately good in this instance, but I still would like to hear from the crowds.!

    Hey guys I've been around, but just starting to get into this great site|~

    Hey all Ive been on this board for a few years just haven't chimed in... I spent my time reading mostly and searching 7 other forums. But I like what this one has become and I think I can still learn allot from the vets here and just the rest of you too. Respectfully, ~ |

    These guys are a Solid source and

    Well respected on several other boards

    New to the board not to the game ~but their is always more to learn ALWAYS :)

    Hey guys, Been around for a while just not on this board. I've got around 7 cycles under my belt 210 6'0ft, interested in the diet section definately looking to get a little leaner before summer and wanted to see what kinda tips I could find on a new board. Anyway, i'm happy to be here and...