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  1. NikonShooter

    Been awhile, but I'm back...

    Due to injuries I've been recovering for quite some time. Ride/Race dirt bikes and took a crazy spill. Put working out on hold. Usually order from DG, they still g2g? Thinking of Test and Deca (for the health benefits, joints, recovery rate, etc) Appreciate any responses and can't wait to get...
  2. NikonShooter

    Pharma Tren PIP

    1st week running Tren Ace 100 and each time received a decent amount of PIP. Left Glute Monday, Left Delt Wednesday, Right Glute Friday, all had PIP. Not sure if this is normal or not, first time running Pharma Tren. Had no issues with their Test, EQ, or Deca Pin right after a hot shower in...
  3. NikonShooter

    TOD to PIN

    Is there a certain Time Of Day you prefer to pin? I usually just pin in the evenings, after the gym and after I shower. Especially when considering active half life. Test Cyp 7-8 days Deca 6-7 days Eq 14 days Tren Ace 1-1.5 days The above information was pulled off of Pharma's website...
  4. NikonShooter

    What more can you ask for? | TD

    Just like the title says. Perfect service. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. NikonShooter


    Been sleeping like absolute shit lately. I usually get a solid 7-8 hours a night and usually only wake up once to go pee and have no problems going back to sleep. Now I'm waking up 3-4 times a night and fighting to go back to sleep. According to my fitbit I'm awake throughout the night...
  6. NikonShooter

    Calories or Macros?

    In the process of trying to add Mass, while not getting too fat. I have never been a big eater. I eat normal size meals and snack in between. Three full meals, and three snacks a day. At the end of the day, is it more important to get calories in, or stay within a macro goal, low fat...
  7. NikonShooter

    And TD! Trenmendous!

    Another successful TD. Got some Tren to finish off my cycle and some DBol for a buddy. Pricing was good, items were in Stock, website and ordering/tracking are top notch. Shipping is decent, not great. 9/10 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. NikonShooter

    Starling Marte Busted.....Deca LOL

    Okay, I just laughed out loud at this....Maybe because everyone here at work are huge pirate fans, and he got busted for taking Deca....And mainly because I'm currently running Deca haha...
  9. NikonShooter

    Musclehead busted...

  10. NikonShooter

    Edible candy

    Has anyone tried any THC Candy. I've heard good things about the Candy but haven't tried it personally.
  11. NikonShooter

    Deca to Tren

    I'm four weeks into my current bulk cycle. Gained roughly 10lbs so far. After this cycle I want to tighten it up and drop some body fat and want to run Tren again. Current cycle Test Cyp 1-16 500mg/wk EQ 1-16 750mg/wk Deca 1-12 400mg/wk Anadrol 50mg 1-3, 100mg 4 I'm already up 10lbs and...
  12. NikonShooter

    Test/EQ/Deca | Unsponsored Log | DG

    I'm going to start a unsponsored log, DG is my go to source and couldn't be happier with their products and services. I'll be running the following. All my oil is Pharmacom Test Cyp 250mg - 500mg weekly (M/Th) EQ 300mg - 600mg weekly (T/F) Deca 300mg - 425mg weekly (T/F) Anadrol 50mg ED -...
  13. NikonShooter

    Small TD

    Almost done stock piling everything I need for my next cycle. DG coming through as always with blazing fast shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. NikonShooter

    Another speedy TD

    They must have a warehouse in my hometown the TD is so quick! Haha Great CS and quality products. Test Cyp EQ Deca Anadrol Arimidex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. NikonShooter

    When does loyalty shift...

    I'm not going to bring names into this, as thats not the reason for this thread. I'm curious how many people stick to one source because they like the service, quality and overall experience. But on the other spectrum, lets face it. Money is important. Deals are important, savings, discounts...
  16. NikonShooter

    Bloodwork after PCT

    Ran a 16 wk test/eq cycle and then did clomid/nolva pct. 75 clomid - 50 nolva - 2 weeks 50 clomid - 25 nolva - 3 weeks 25 clomid - 10-25 nolva - 2 weeks Here are my results. Only thing that looks strange to me is my LH is really high.
  17. NikonShooter

    Cycle Critique | T/EQ/Deca

    Test/EQ/Deca 12 Weeks • 750mgs Test Cyp 250mg/L (Split M/TH 1.5cc) • 600mgs Deca 300mg/L (Split W/S - 1cc split) • 750mgs EQ 300mg/L (Split W/S - 1.25cc split) • 50mgs Anavar 25mg AM/PM • Cabaser .5mg M/TH • Arimidex .5mg EOD Keep in mind, I made another thread last week about being...
  18. NikonShooter

    AAS and Sertaline

    About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with "Clinical Depression" and was put on 50mg of Sertaline. The only thing I've noticed is my appetite is a little screwy and I seem more tired. I don't go back for two more weeks for a check up and to see where we go from there. With that being said...Is it...
  19. NikonShooter

    PCT and next cycle help

    I'm currently 4 weeks into my PCT. Running Clomid and Nolva. 75mg clomid 1-2 50mg nolva 1-2 50mg clomid 3-4 25 nolva 3-4 25mg clomid 5-6 10mg nolva 5-6 My first question is how long after I complete my PCT can I do another cycle? 2 weeks? That day? Also, does my PCT look alright? I'm gonna...
  20. NikonShooter

    TD | First order

    Another success TD. Not as smooth and fast as I'm use to, but not that bad either. I'd rate my experience 8/10. Only complaint would be when I tried to submit my confirmation via their email submit form, it never went through. So after a day or two of nothing pending I reached out and they...