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  1. gymprincess1989

    Finished product

    I didnt have the time to do an actual log but I wanted to say a big thanks to all the help . Used clen. Whinny, tbol , anavarpharmacon. Went from 201lbs 5o 159lbs!!!! Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. gymprincess1989

    Life insurance testing

    Does anyone know if life insurance tests for steroids? I guess they do a blood and urine sample so I am wondering if I should stay clear of gear use until this is done. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. gymprincess1989

    First pit post

    So I am probably one of the few ladies coming to the pit. But I gotta say some of these fucking "body builder" steroid boards or whatever the fuck they are called have gotten lame as fuck . I still stand proud with asf though. Shit is kept real. Scammers get called out. Liars get called out and...
  4. gymprincess1989

    ECA stack

    Not sure if this is the right section but what does everyone use for this? I used to use primeatine but it seems it's becoming unavailable...... looking for something that can be used instead??. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. gymprincess1989


    Hello everyone. I am just looking for some advice on dealing with bloat. My first month went super good and now all of a sudden I am bloated. I do take bc. Currently running 15mg var (was upto to 20 but lowered as soon as I seen I was bloating) Just bumped my primo up to 50mg every week...
  6. gymprincess1989

    Pinning gauges and lenths

    I know this probably varies from person to person but i am interested in what everyone uses. I guess i want to be sure i am actually getting the muscle and not actually doing a subq injection Glutes? Vg? Delts? I am currently using a 27g 1/2 for vg. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. gymprincess1989

    Primo E and hair loss

    I am on my 4th pin of primo today. Currently pinning 15mg 2x a week. How long until i could notice the side of hair loss? I naturally shed a lot of hair. ( every time i brush my hair the brush will be full). It is my hair type. I have very thick hair and a full head. My concern is how will...
  8. gymprincess1989

    Carb intake timing

    Hi. I have always heard it is most important to assure you sre taking most of your carbs post work out? I am wondering if i should still do this if i work out pretty late. I usually don't eat until around 9pm or later? Or would I be better to eat most of my carbs earlier and just a small...
  9. gymprincess1989

    Pinning small doses

    I was wondering if i should put a little extra in my syringe since it looks like there is always a little left inside. I am currently only pinning 15mg at a time so it is barely anything to begin with. Was thinking if i should maybe bring it upto the 2 mark instead of 1.5? Also do you draw...
  10. gymprincess1989

    Princesses punisher log

    My story is long ao i will keep it short. I have had a hard life overall. Previously i ate myself to 225lb at a size 20. Decided it was time for a change. Lost weight and got down to 155lbs. Then started bodybuilding and have never stopped. Almost 2 years ago i got pregnant where once again I...
  11. gymprincess1989

    Back pain after deads.....

    Hi all, So yesterday i hit back and hit 3 different prs. I did 315lbs for 5 and then went on to try 325lbs which i ended up getting 3. My form broke a little bit but nothing crazy. Now i have bad back pain. Like it hurts when i walk, when i turn certain ways and even bend to pick up my 30lb...
  12. gymprincess1989


    I am going to be stacking gw with sr9009 and want to know everyones thoughts on the gw. Would 10mg a day be enough to get good results since I am stacking it or should i still take the 20mg of gw as well? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. gymprincess1989

    First injection cycle acetate or enanthate

    Am looking to go ahead with the primo and looking for opinions on if its necessary or more recommended to use acetate for the first time cycling compared to enanthate??? With acetate would it still be the same total dosage just split into every other day? Example if i am doing 25mg a week just...
  14. gymprincess1989

    Should i still dose?

    I will be going on vacation and most likely will not be working out. Should i still continue to dose my ostriene? I am cutting the gw and sr9009 since once i return i will be starting my cycle and want to include those. Thanks much. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. gymprincess1989


    Hi everyone looking for some thoughts on a tattoo i was looking to get. I appreciate the feedback since i cant decide haha. Become addicted & Lift life (Drawing will go here) Weakness is a choice. Failure is a choice. Opinions and recommendations are appreciated. Please nothing dumb though...
  16. gymprincess1989

    Cycle ideas

    Hello everyone. Hopefully some of you know me by now haha. I am looking for any feedback on a few questions i have. First a little background. I have ran all var cycles up to 20mg ED. I have also ran whinny and var cycles with var@ 15mg and whinny @ 10mg ED. I am looking to possibly run tbol and...
  17. gymprincess1989

    Weight gain

    Hello all! Recently i have started some mk2866 along with gw. My question is, is it normal to gain weight so fast feom mk2866? I swear each day my weight just keeps going up.[emoji24]. Any feedback is appreciated. Also what are everyones thoughts of adding some sr9009 to the mix??? Goals...
  18. gymprincess1989

    Oral Primo

    Hi, can anyone advise of a good source of legit oral primo?? Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  19. gymprincess1989

    Dosage of oral primo for a woman

    Hi all, can anyone tell me the recommended dosage of oral primo for a woman ? Most likely will stack with var or whinny. I have seen the number 25mg. But is this daily, every few days, or what. Appreciate any insight that can be given. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  20. gymprincess1989

    Gymprincess is back AGAINZ!!!!! PSL Sponsored log.

    First, big shout out to macedog24 for the hookup! So my journey all started back in 2010. One day I decided to go shopping. At that time only plus size stores were for me I was in a size 18. However this day the size 18 no longer fit, I needed a size 20 [emoji24]. This was the day I said no...