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  1. Clockwerk

    First order placed today

    I've only ever read great things. Decided to give them a try for this next run. Will keep everyone posted on my experience. So far so good.
  2. Clockwerk

    Liver and Kidney Research Sources

    I've been searching for some concrete medical research about liver and kidney functions/protection/cleanse while on a cycle. I have found a ton of opinions, word of mouth recommendations, but I haven't found and actual study that focuses on keeping these organs detoxed during the cycle. I'm sure...
  3. Clockwerk

    First Order

    TBH it was the time and energy that Heavyhitter put into all of my questions and concerns that made me go with Monster Labs. That guy is a pro and is very knowledgeable. My order is placed and I'm sitting on GO ready to start my bulk. Can't wait to get this cycle going!
  4. Clockwerk

    Cycle Question

    It has been about a year since my last/first cycle. I ran Test 250 mg/week and Deca-Durabolin 300mg/week. I ran this for 8 solid weeks, 2 weeks of no pinning, then 3 weeks of pct. I had really solid results from this cycle and was very happy with everything except the dreaded deca-dick. Shit...
  5. Clockwerk

    New to the Forums

    Hello everyone. Just came across these forums and had to join. I've been into fitness for several years and have finally made the decision to do my first cycle. I've been doing research for the past two years and now that I have a solid foundation physically and have a greater understanding...