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    Rad 140 and ligandrol

    Anyone order from either proven peptides or science bio?
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    I want to run a large cycle

    Basically I want to push my limit for size. I've ran multiple cycles over the years but the past year/ year and a half it's been just trt at 100mgs wkly. I've been working with a nutritional coach and I'm sitting at 5'11 196lbs at 14% bf. I'm open to some cycle ideas but I won't use slin or...
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    Has anyone ran them? Can you give a rundown on your cycle, pros and cons. Thanks
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    Oily skin

    Anyone recommend a cleansing pad for during the day?
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    Two part question

    I'm looking for a good at home blood pressure kit if anyone can recommend one. What type of labs to people get besides the female panel? I want to make sure my heart is healthy along with other vital organs. Long story short, lost someone recently so I want to make sure everything is in check...
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    Pharma grade stuff has been getting expensive for me lately. Looking for a reliable source to pick up some Nolvadex and Aromasin, anyone have a place?
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    Nutrition advice for a woman

    A coworker asked me to help her eat a little healthier and workout recently. She's been tracking with myfitnesspal and it's saying 1200 calories daily. Breakdown is 90g carb, 120 prot, and 40g fat. I don't know if this is the norm for women so I'm looking for help. Stats are 155lbs, 5'4, 43yo...
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    You guys watching anyone good?
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    I've been doing cycles of 5x5 and full body 3x's a week. Looking to switch it up but still hit each muscle group 2x's a week. Thinking push/pull/legs with a 6 day split. Anyone have some ideas to throw my way? Thanks
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    Winter is coming...

    What's everyone's winter cycle looking like?
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    I'm done w/ lower body

    A few months ago thought I tore my meniscus which I didnt... had water in both knees drained and found arthritis pretty much all through my knees. Worked my way back up in the weights even tho I was sore. Last week after legs I couldn't walk for 3 days, this week I've been in pain two days now...
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    You are such a crybaby liberal cunt, fuck off. Go smoke a bowl or get laid. Do something productive with your last few years on earth. That is all...
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    Hit a wall

    I've been calorie/carb cycling and I have stalled. I lost 24lbs total and feeling great again. Lol Winter is coming so I'm thinking of slowly adding calories back in. Recently read a lean bulk article of staying in a calorie deficit with high protein 2.2 grams, mid carb 1g per lb, and low fats...
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    Anyone training around one? I fell two weeks ago and f'd up my knee pretty bad. Swollen and black and blue, doc put me on meds, etc. I had x-rays and MRI done yesterday. Tuesday I go for my MRI results and the specialist thinks it' a meniscal tear. Anyway, I've had enough sitting around...
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    Reliable Source

    Looking for a reliable source for a few products... Amasin and/or adex, prami, and nolva. Currently think my local is trash and going to get labs in two days, damn itchy nips. thanks
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    Sick after workout

    The past week I have been feeling sick after my workout, ever happen to you guys? Feels like my sugar drops (shakes, stomach hurts, dizzy) but it' always within normal range. Any clue to what causes this? Pre WO - 8oz chicken, 8oz rice, and 1 cup of broccoli... Post WO - shake with some cereal...
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    Little Experiment

    About to run Epi-tren 20mgs and Blue Hearts 20mgs. Did something like this before with Spawn/dbol combo and it was great. My diet was also shit then but right now it's pretty on point.
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    Protein powder (women)

    Do your wives/girlfriends use a different powder aimed for women, or just the same BS you are using?
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    Anyone smoke? I'm looking to gather a few different ones for a friend's bday. Hopefully to complement some whiskey and craft beers.
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    PSA -Ephedrine

    Get yourself some, that is all. :winkfinger: