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  1. theCaptn'

    Meanwhile, at ASF....

    <insert giant winkfinger here>
  2. theCaptn'

    DildoesRus home delivery!

    PM for details. Sorry, no discounts for minorities :coffee: <insert giant winkfinger here>
  3. theCaptn'

    Super Cruise!

    .... or a mini-cycle depending on how you look at it. 1ml test + 1ml of your fav anabolic, or some variation of <=500mg. Rinse and repeat. Deca is my staple for all the right reasons. Finally got decent mast to try out. Who else is a fan? What’s your fav combos? <insert giant winkfinger here>
  4. theCaptn'

    Pork - dirty Jews are missing out

    Reasons for eating: 1) lean as fuck protein 2) not chicken 3) tasty like human flesh according to tribes in Papua New Guinea 4) Jew deterrent .... discuss Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. theCaptn'

    ASF homo association welcomes

    ASF has a large community of queers, at least 70% of all members just love the cock. At least 20% are on the fence, but it's just a matter of time before a conversion is made. These guys are obvious, you can tell by their posting style .... vocally anti-gay but secret desires are brewing...
  6. theCaptn'

    Fucking TapaTalk

    Why the FUCK is this app showing posts to lame pedo inspired forums like BoP that I don't prescribe to? Suck my giant winkfinger! [emoji847] <insert giant winkfinger here>
  7. theCaptn'

    Message of love!

    Amen Allah! <insert giant winkfinger here>
  8. theCaptn'

    GH talk

    I got this posted on an ifbb pro's blog..... interesting read Lots of people asking for my take on HGH after posting Bradley and Furions reports below so here goes.... Schembrahs Bro Science report on HGH 1. First up the fact that Pros are so big nowadays it must be the GH what else could it...
  9. theCaptn'

    All day every day

    ... except the weed Still waiting to be smited [emoji2] <insert giant winkfinger here>
  10. theCaptn'

    Jim Jefferies

    He's fucking hilarious, the quintessential Aussie funny cunt. But I'm surprised someone state side hasn't shot him yet, or attempted to. Thoughts? https://youtu.be/0rR9IaXH1M0 <insert giant winkfinger here>
  11. theCaptn'


    The Big Bang Theory is recorded with canned laughter! The humour is weak and pathetic without recorded laughter [emoji19] <insert giant winkfinger here>
  12. theCaptn'

    The Dark Web

    .... so I downloaded Tor and peeled back the onion for some Taliban porn and stolen credit card action. If I go missing presume I'm in Guantanamo Bay.
  13. theCaptn'

    Report: Iran Arrests More Than 30 Suspected Gays, Will Perform Anal Exams For Confirm

    Authorities in Iran’s Bahadoran District reportedly arrested 30 suspected homosexuals and are preparing to conduct sodomy examinations on them with the intention of exposing their homosexuality. Next stop ASF
  14. theCaptn'

    I wonder what's happening in the Mod's Lounge

    Back in my day is was cocks-cocks-cocks-cocks-Free Gearz. No doubt now Ive left its got worse. Less cocks. Discuss :coffee:
  15. theCaptn'

    DildoesRus valentines sale!

    40% off! Get one up your clacker! :call me: Sent from my jewPhone using TrannyTalk Pro
  16. theCaptn'

    Is your UGL 'sust' Prop + Cyp?

    How could you tell? Sent from my JewPhone using Trannytalk
  17. theCaptn'

    Perfect Day

    Saturday is my get loaded on kratom and preWO day. I hit the gym then wander around in a serene haze getting shit done and eating. Later, I hit a little vodka to shift the vibe. I'm hoping to get my cock sucked. It's a near perfect existence in my book. Sent from my JewPhone using Trannytalk
  18. theCaptn'

    theCaptn's bare arse summer journal

    .... it's going to be a very social summer downunder. Last week I was at three Christmas parties.... .... so there'll need to be a decent amount of damage control. My training will stay on point - I'll keep this journal to keep track of things. Learnt a lot off the diet coach last year -...
  19. theCaptn'


    Hope the pastor stops diddling you [emoji45] Sent from my JewPhone using Trannytalk
  20. theCaptn'

    Don't you hate it

    ... when your cardio time gets eaten up reading threads on the toilet? I do. Way to stay fat man [emoji20]