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  1. Oldschool

    VA disability

    You know who is laughing her ass off 😆
  2. Oldschool

    VA disability

    Your ED thing has been verified... at least that's what I read on twitter...
  3. Oldschool

    Calling all the old farts

  4. Oldschool

    What’s the hardest moment in your memory in the past 2 years?

    To make a long story short: I had a stroke early 2020. Lost about 80% use of my left arm and some other problems. About 6 weeks ago I fell and broke my neck. I went 4 days before it was discovered. 2 surgeries later and 2 rods in my neck, I am still recovering. Hopefully by this spring I can...
  5. Oldschool

    What’s the hardest moment in your memory in the past 2 years?

    I was going to post something but after M's story I don't have a thing to complain about...
  6. Oldschool

    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    Custom RX will fill an ivermectin script
  7. Oldschool

    Any Suggested Programs?

    For sports nutrition check out Institute of Performance Nutrition. It's a post graduate program that you can do in 2-3 yrs. For CPT ceu courses I recommend EXERCISE, Etc.
  8. Oldschool

    As per Admin.. THIS is the OFFICIAL Election Day thread. "Ignore all others"

    The real winner here is Hunter Biden. Now he can sell access to the President instead of the Vice President.... that's gotta be worth at least a billion...
  9. Oldschool

    Why you should not underestimate the muscular benefits of bean protein

    Poor study. Comparing 2 sources incomplete (inferior) protein then concluding that one builds more muscle (negligible) than the other is like comparing 2 broken tools and trying to figure out which one is better than the other. For users of this forum, the information would mean a lot more if...
  10. Oldschool


    Speaking of careers, Ive been trying to get 3OT to become a carpenter...
  11. Oldschool

    Bidens Offered Up CIA Agents Who Went Missing in China in 2010 -2012

    Sadly, there are politicians that are so evil that death is the only option to end their reigns. I also thought that of Ted Kennedy, who betrayed this country and got away with murder. I didn't cheer his death, but at the same time I had a peaceful feeling knowing his damage to this country was...
  12. Oldschool

    Amy Coney Barrett Senate Hearings

    Bonjino said she is the dumbest person in Congress.
  13. Oldschool


    I had a stroke earlier this year. Left side still doesn't work right but hopefully it will come back.
  14. Oldschool


    Hello ASF family. I am getting back online and able to participate on this board again. Missed all of you. Cant wait to catch up. Life throws you curves at times when you least expect them. Its just part of living. There are a lot of important things in life but health, family and friends are...
  15. Oldschool

    Calorie Advice

    You need to create a calorie deficit of 250 -500 kcals/daily either by cutting calories or increasing energy expenditure. Increasing energy expenditure is preferred to protect the slowdown of your metabolism. You may find that you will need cardio 5-7 days/weekly to achieve this. Good luck
  16. Oldschool


    Be careful...he will be trying to sniff and kiss your neck next...
  17. Oldschool

    Monster site?

    Especially after ASF reached out to BOP after they were compromised... at least they are living up to their reputation of being the lowest of the low when it comes to assholes.
  18. Oldschool

    Which periodisation scheme for hypertrophy?

    Remember, hypertrophy is a bell curve with zero (baseline) to maximum to zero (baseline). The curve closely follows rep ranges with 8-12 being at the top of the curve.
  19. Oldschool

    Corona Panic Poll

  20. Oldschool

    The bright side!

    How do you do that with the 6ft rule?