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  1. 9TMARE

    !!AG TD!!

    This landed roughly a week ago but I wanted to fully wait until I experienced the Cheque drops…. Everything I ordered came in! Packed nice and secure. The oils are filled evenly and the tabs are really really nice. Tabs are hard and are not falling apart. Communication was fast and...
  2. 9TMARE

    Grand Opening TD!

    AZTECA GOLD LABS- I jumped on the opening BOGO sale. That right there alone is worth it. After some emails back and fourth, his product testing results and other forum reviews I placed an order. Communication was excellent. List is awesome and shipping was speedy! Azteca Gold has a few...
  3. 9TMARE


    Thank you DYEL for the contest and everyone who participated. I have never seen DYEL product but damn is it pretty! I got a few Test C, Test E and a Test P to try out. Shipping was extremely fast. Communication was quick and easy. I’m looking forward to trying this out! Sent from my iPhone...
  4. 9TMARE

    Gym N Tonic Liv.52

    Wes and Gym N Tonic were easy and simple to work with! Products came very fast and sealed tight with extra padding! The site has so much to choose from and everything I have tried so far has been of excellent quality. How likely are you to recommend Gym N Tonic to a friend? Very fucking likely...
  5. 9TMARE

    Gym n tonic pheromone cologne

    Thank you Wes and Gym N Tonic for sending these out, and extremely quick! If all their products come this fast then I need to switch supplement suppliers lol Thank you for the other samples. Excited to try the Alpha Mood again. That’s one of my favorites. We have: Graphite Coach for Men...
  6. 9TMARE

    Check out our auction!!!

    Visit our subforum for your chance to bid on our auction! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 9TMARE

    Platinum test promo!!!

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  8. 9TMARE

    Vital performance products

    Just received my VITAL PERFORMANCE samples... Well packaged with a cool non-boring box All products were accounted for. PHASE 1- Pre Workout PHASE 2- Recovery PHASE 3- Sleep Just reading the ingredients I can tell this is going to be some quality stuff. Collagen in each one! I will be...
  9. 9TMARE

    Checks out!!!

    Forgot I had this but glad I found it as I will need it for some upcoming traveling. Thanks PSL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 9TMARE

    KRATOM TD! Earth day promo!!!

    SUK coming through again! I need to explain the damn sampler packs. The reason I do those instead of one big ole bag is 1. 4 big ones with cost more and yes last longer. One day I’ll ball out lol. 2. I like all these new strains a lot! I can’t decide on a favorite. I also don’t take very much...
  11. 9TMARE

    Ulta labs easter discount

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  12. 9TMARE

    Noopept from psl

    I waited 3 days to post after I first tried 10mg of Noopept from PSL. The reason I did this is so I could really gauge what’s going on. This stuff is not something you want to try and feel. You just need to let it happen if that makes sense. All 3 people who took this including myself do busy...
  13. 9TMARE

    Suk td

    Beautiful small but powerful TD from SUK. Easy process like always. Wait time normal can’t complain because it always comes through but patience is key. Always provided top notch product. I decided to switch things up and go with some of the more powerful items. MIT 5, Brick Resin and they...
  14. 9TMARE

    Straight up kratom log

    Thank you SUK/Macedog/Vison for this opportunity! Everything packed nice a tight. Sealed in reclosable bags. I have been using strictly SUK for about 6 months on and off. I try not to take it everyday. But when I do it 100% helps and does the trick. It varies from a stressful workday, hard...
  15. 9TMARE

    Good Info

    https://youtu.be/BeOc7TRo9Os Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. 9TMARE


    https://generationiron.com/brandon-curry-steroids/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. 9TMARE

    Franco Columbu dies at 78. RIP

  18. 9TMARE

    Ulta Labs October Promo Code

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  19. 9TMARE

    Knowing that all the “Gains” from steroids go away after cycling off, why do people still

    You can keep your gains. That’s a fact, Here is two examples: I have seen this go both ways. A friend of mine cycled from a young age for about 3 years using heavy steroids. He stopped using 6 months ago, he also stopped eating and training, he went from about 230 @ 8% BF to 170 @ 9-10% BF...
  20. 9TMARE

    How do you protect your knees when doing heavy barebell squats?

    Source: Dave Murphy- Coach/Mentor with over 110 IPL team earned records. Use proper form. With all the information out there, a common mistake is to try to push your body into a position it’s not meant to be. Some people will say close stance, don’t rotate feet out. Others, high bar squats...