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  1. PolishRifle

    First Order - Excellent Response Time and Shipping

    Placed my 1st order with Flash labs last week. After a quick DM exchange with JJB1, I submitted the order online and sent my payment last Friday morning. Incredibly, my pack arrived this afternoon - possibly the quickest T/A I've experienced. Packaging was discreet and on point as well...
  2. PolishRifle

    The Eagle has landed

    My pack arrived this afternoon. Shipping was so quick it may as well have been walked over by my neighbor. This was my 2nd order with SB, and I've been really impressed with his responsiveness and lightning-fast delivery times. I even received a tracking number within an hour of my funds...
  3. PolishRifle

    Touchdown - First SBL Order

    Long time lurker, occasional commenter checking in. After reading many positive reviews on the forums, I decided to place a modest first order with SB Labs. Communication was fast, efficient and reliable. Time of arrival was lightning fast even with a 2 day shipping delay by the USPS. Crazy how...
  4. PolishRifle

    Nice Forum!

    Happy Sunday ASF. I stumbled upon this forum this morning and decided to register after reading some of the content. Me? I'm a 50 year old father of 4 who's been playing the Iron game for just over 2 decades. Aside from the demands of my family and my career, I'm continually trying to improve...