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  1. Rowads


    I’ve heard it’s great for mood and pct. I thought IML had it back in the day but I can’t find it anywhere now. Anyone know of a legitimate source or have experience?
  2. Rowads

    Pre Work Out suggestions

    I’ve been using C4 and N.O. Xplode for years, but I think it’s time to switch it up. I don’t get the same every I once did from either. I know you switch between the two to avoid building a tolerance but I don’t know which compounds would be better to compliment one another. So I’m asking for...
  3. Rowads

    Big ups to Ethan Suplee

  4. Rowads

    Spread the love!

    Stop being stingy hot that thanks button! I’ll return the favor... 😉
  5. Rowads

    Hgh & hcg

    Can someone offer some source or reference to injection, location, and quality?
  6. Rowads

    My new diet

    Cutting meat, dairy, and sugar! Any one here doing this? Trying to get cut up again
  7. Rowads

    Anybody still talking C4?

    I love the stuff and i just picked up bogo blue razz
  8. Rowads

    Repost: HGH Reconstruction

    Not my material. this post was taken from another forum but from my research is correct. I wanted to share though as I could not find a good reference here and wanted my ASF brothers able to find the knowledge in house. Enjoy! For an 10iu vial of HGH (human growth hormone), Jintropin and...
  9. Rowads


    Fast and friendly
  10. Rowads

    Comments, Concerns, & Advice

  11. Rowads

    Beware of EBay

    Just bought some dmz 3.0 from some douche on eBay. When it arrived the plastic seal was only over cap allowing it to open with the plastic seal still on. Also the inside aluminum seal that covers the bottle after the cap is removed was also removed. When I opened the capsules they were filed...
  12. Rowads


    Hi, I started training in the military and had ups,down,and plateaus for seven years. Recently started a new training schedule. Always looking for tips,hints,antics,advice,etc. Really into calisthenics and free weights