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    Who likes Alpha Pharma?

    Who has used the Alpha Pharma products carried by Uncle Z? I've had good success with the Rexogin and Injduject 250. Works like a charm. Any other Alpha Pharma users?
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    Uncle Z has ALPHA PHARMA

    Z is carrying ALPHA-PHARMA. EQ,NPP,Winstrol,Test prop, and Test Cyp. ALPHA PHARMA has its own branded names for each one of these. And they are carried in 1ml amps. ALPHA PHARMA (Equipoise) Boldebolin - 250mg/ml 1ml/amp ALPHA PHARMA (NPP) NandroRapid - 100mg/ml 1ml/amp ALPHA PHARMA...
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    EP Test 400 10ML $70!

    I have been using this product the past few weeks Its PAINLESS. Its for users who are going to do high test cycles. I can get in twice as much test a week with at this concentration. The TEST 400 is as smooth to draw as the other testosterones. Its made up of Testosterone Enanthate -...
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    UncleZ.net PEPTIDES http://unclez.net/20-peptides GENERICS 3mg(3vials)-Generic IGF-1 LR3-1mg/vial 6mg(3vials)-Generic Peg MGF-2mg/vial Melanotan-II(MT-II)(10mg/vial) 10 vials PT-141(Bremelanotide)(10mg/vial) 10 vials Mechano Growth Factor(MGF) (2mg/vial) 10 vials
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    $150 off Genotropin HGH

    Uncle Z has 3 Genotropin kits available for $750. Thats $250 per kit. The kits are 36iu's. This is a $150 off what the price would normally be. It would be nice to see this around all the time. Unfortunately there is a time limit on this so please don't miss out and get all you can while you...
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    Have you seen the new EP blends!

    Euro Pharmacies came out with some great new blends. It takes the hassle out of weekly injections. Take a look. Euro Pharmacies Test E 250mg / Deca 200mg - 450mg/ml 10ml http://unclez.net/home/262-test-e-250mg-deca-200mg-450mgml-10mlvial-ugl.html Euro Pharmacies Sustanon 500 - 500mg/ml 10ml...
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    Why Uncle Z? WE WANT TO KNOW!

    Guys! The Z team as busy as we are. Is always on top of things! Helping out the bro's on board here. We always discuss with each other how to make our customers satisfied and how we can reach out to you to help. We would appreciate seeing more feedback from our customers. For instance...
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    Crazy Z's HYPER SPECIAL (5days)

    Announcing a CRAZY SPECIAL Fellas !! - 25% off for the full EP Line The deal will last for 5 Days - So take adventage ! :) Boldenone Undecaonate (EQ) - 250mg/ml 10ml - 38$ Nandrolone Decaonate (Deca) - 250mg/ml 10ml - 38$ Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) -100mg/ml 10ml - 35$ Stanzolol...
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    A few EURO-PHARMACIES Manufacturing Basics

    1. Carrier Oils used in EP Injectable Products Line manufacturing proccesses are completely Pharmaceutical Grade. 100% Synthetic , Hypoallergenic and Completely Clear/Transparent in terms of Color properties. (No tint - No impurity and Completely Infection/Contamination Proof) A. Hormone...
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    International Bulk Offers

    We have a lot of GREAT Euro Pharmacies bulk offers available to YOU in our OVERSEAS (INTERNATIONAL) SECTION. We actually offer SEVENTY ONE (71) different bulk deals in this section. This is a great way to save on cycles. EQ,Masteron P, Testosterone Cypionate, Sustanon, NPP, Trenbolone...
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    Whose using what from Z?

    What are all of you guys cycling with right now from Z? Anyone using the Genotropins, the Blue tops, which I have to say myself work very well. Testosterone is a staple, we all use anti estrogens. We all like to get ripped and hard looking for summer. I'm just wondering what our customers are...
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    Genotropin feedback

    Have any members on this forum purchased our Genotropins? http://unclez.net/search?search_query=genotropin&orderby=position&orderway=desc&controller=search If so, please tell us how you like them. We have plenty of feedback at the other message boards we are at, but we would like to know how...
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    Euro Pharmacies discussion

    Lets see some more feedback on our EP (Euro Pharmacies) products. What do you guys think? We have plenty of logs up and going around. Every one is getting great results. I am reading the oil is smooth. I am reading injections are painless. I know myself EP is outstanding because EP is all I use...
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    Uncle Z Genotropin 36IU- Pfizer sale

    Real Pfizer hgh only for $240!!! only can be found at our uncle's shop. Supplier:Pfizer ,Belgium Chemical Name:Somatropinum Comes In: 36IU vial(12mg) Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily Active time: Varies by injection method Class:Growth Hormone Important:This products offer is two months before...
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    Sale at UncleZ.net!

    Hello everyone, hows summer going? For me? Its going GREAT, LOTS of stuff to do. I am always busy, between the boards, Z, working out, and some studying, my hands are PRETTY FULL! Ah, I guess its always good to stay busy, makes you feel accomplished , kind of like working out! ACTUALLY...
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    Guys we have a inspirational contest going check it out!

    Hey there ASF! I just wanted to let you guys know incase you haven't already read. That we have a very inspirational contest going here at Uncle Z. It can be found here. Check it out! Winners get 20% off their next order...
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    Its TIME....for another CONTEST!

    Guys we have come up with another contest. This one is a little bit more meaningful for the members. Think about your life.... were you always into fitness? With the way things are in todays society, most likely not. Well what got you started?? Was it getting up everyday, doing the same old...
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    Check out the Uncle Z blog!

    Hey whats up everyone! Have you guys ever noticed that we here at Uncle Z have a blog available for research purposes? It is right here on our website at UncleZ.net on the right hand side! Check it out, we have a lot of valuable information there. A lot of things to learn and some to just...
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    DAILY Bodybuilding FACTS and TIPS!

    Hello out there ASF members! I figured what might be good for us all is to look back or either learn! Some helpful bodybuilding tips to help us achieve the bodies and lives we want as people! We already have GREAT anabolics to help us get there from our good ole Uncle Z! So here are some...
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    Allow me to re-introduce myself!

    I wanted to take the opportunity to re-introduce myself to you all as an official Uncle Z representative. I will be taking care of on board matters. Feel free to send me a private message or create a thread in our section of the forum (...