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  1. J

    Over 60 and still pumping

    Thanks, I remember my dad's advice was "you never fail until you quit trying". That's also why I've been married 5 times. Finally got it right! AND she can bench 205!
  2. J

    Over 60 and still pumping

    Starting over one more time. first time was around 2011 after a battle with colon cancer, lost down to 150 pounds, then around 2015 had a total knee replacement, but was in a brace and couldn't do much for about a year and a half before that, then rehab for several months. 2019 I had early onset...
  3. J

    stealth gear needed

    Got a 16 day trip I have to go on which includes a flight out and 15 day cruise. Any suggestions to get some basic gear (mainly test) onboard? I seem to remember some stealth sachets a while back, but maybe I'm missing them in the existing sponsors. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. J

    Time off of blast for bloods

    OK just came off of 18 wk blast with 500wk test e, usually drop to cruise of 200 e per week, but have doc exam to schedule. Any general ideas how long to wait so I can see if they will approve try? I will pull private nd before, just looking for general time so I don't have to go back twice. BTW...
  5. J

    Leg exercises for bad knees?

    yep, been riding stationary bike, but PT said no on extensions, thx for replys.
  6. J

    Leg exercises for bad knees?

    Currently I can only do bodyweight exercises. Two bad knees, one constantly in a brace (can't lift dumbbells without it) and doctor wants me to replace it ASAP. Get it drained every few weeks. I'm trying to prolong surgery as long as possible. Any suggestions so I can try to build some mass on...
  7. J

    GW anywhere?

    Damn, thanks, I totally whiffed on that one.
  8. J

    GW anywhere?

    Hi guys, can't seem to find GW from any of my go to suppliers. (I'M, PP or EP) Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. J

    Looking again

    About out of my AY TPA, E and var, made it last as long as I could (sad face). Any suggestions on smooth running gear. (I know, research, research, research, I HATE having to find a new source).
  10. J

    Bitcoin sale?

    Still upcoming?
  11. J

    Europe Anabolic

    Gtg Have placed three orders, all arrived in a reasonable time considering it is international. Be patient if you order.
  12. J

    Cheap pinz/plungerz/water

    Have used both. GPZ shipping a little faster, both products good. If your in a hurry, use GPZ, if not MedVet.
  13. J

    NCAA basketball pool 68 members can enter

    Spot Left? I'll take one.
  14. J

    Heartbreaking :(

    Real Heartbreak NOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  15. J

    I can't take it anymore

    Been there, done that divorce . . . . . four times . . . . . . last one was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, also had a cocaine addiction I didn't know about until we came back from the honeymoon. Research symptoms for borderline, narcissistic, histrionic and antisocial behavior...
  16. J

    Shooting a load before a workout?

    Never had vision problems, but constantly shaving my palms gets to be old:jerkit:
  17. J

    Starting Over

    There is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. In late 2008 my business went under and I couldn't take care of my bills, went through a divorce from hell; early 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer. Went through treatments and had more bills piled up. Decided to take a huge chance, so I...
  18. J

    Check my Math

    Thanks, makes sense, sometimes I over think (spend a lot of time on situational and statistical analysis)
  19. J

    Check my Math

    Okay I have stack 300mg/ml and I'm looking to add Tren a 100mg/ml and Mast P 100mg/ml. All 10 ML. Mix in seperate vial 1 ML = 33.4mg/ml test p; 66.7mg/ml tren a; 66.7mg/ml mast p At 1 ml/ED that is 234mg test/week; 468 mg tren a/week and 468mg mast/week. This keeps test at maintenance and...
  20. J


    Whoops, here it is