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    Trump wins 2020

    Trump 2020
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    Fix my order Or i will Shut this site down

    Guys I don’t think he’s bluffing from the way he talks he’s got to be someone of great importance and power . best idea probably take care of him . please don’t lock the thread this is hilarious !
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    Eddie Van Halen Dead at 65 from Cancer

    ^^^^^ Kilsong got MAGA owned !
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    Any idea who this might have been?

    You can go to WSAZ. Com and read a little more .
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    GearPro UFC 254 Contest!!!!!

    Nurmagomedov round 4 1:45 min
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    Recent Grey top bloodwork serum/igf

    Not been looking good lately in the sub-forum . Thanks for doing these and posting the info there’s rHGH in the vial .... maybe a minuscule amount?
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    My journey back from the dead

    Following along for the ride . Sounds like this is going to be your greatest comeback
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    Max’s log

    Along for the ride big dog ! Top notch very detailed starting this log I would expect nothing else from yah ! The third pic from the bottom do you remember what you were weighing by chance ?
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    Test E blood work thoughts

    Nothing you haven’t been told but numbers are spot on . Thanks for sharing it would help though if we could see other panels on your bloodwork
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    Is ZPtropin good HGH?

    Yes it’s has always been very good rHGH in my experience. There probably are fakes somewhere but that’s why you have got to trust your source . Also Spectrum is just as good but it comes 14 IU a vial as a posed to 12 IU vial for Zphc. Both are these brands are made by same companies and are one...
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    authenticity ? anecdotal experiences ? hygetropin (somatotropin)

    If the code doesn’t check out it’s obviously not genuine these were all the rage and very good value few years back but lately I’ve heard more negative than positive. Might still be rHGH in the vials really only reasonable thing to do is order a growth hormone serum test and inject 10 iu or one...
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    I’m extremely sorry...

    LoL !!!
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    Friends of the juiceeee

    EQ for me it just doesn’t do anything that smaller amounts of other compounds do better !
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    Integrity labs- who wants to run a sponsored log???!

    Ohh shit well my bad then I had no idea
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    Integrity labs- who wants to run a sponsored log???!

    I understand full disclosure I work for company myself that’s why I was honestly just wondering. Always up for learning and getting new ways of doing things I’ve seen you around for a while on and off IP and you’ve always been stand up this was never meant to be anything against you or the other...
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    Masteron is AMAZING at high doses, so why not run Masteron Enanthate 200mg/mL?

    ^^ I’ve been around since the 90’s of course not always about putting on size but thanks for the information. In this game over the years I’ve come to realize there’s about 3 kinds of guys . Newbie who have no business taking hormones when they do and a lot are younger and size is typically main...
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    Integrity labs- who wants to run a sponsored log???!

    It’s just a question but you guys let reps for other companies run sponsored logs on this board ?? Just seems odd and a conflict of interests? This is absolutely nothing personal I’m honestly just interested because I feel like doing that could really cause some problems competitor with an...
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    Masteron is AMAZING at high doses, so why not run Masteron Enanthate 200mg/mL?

    Because Mast E is purely an underground drug and was only procured and developed underground . Masteron was a unicorn for most guys in the USA back in the day it’s was almost strictly a European drug . Even now a days when almost anything is available Mast is still one of those compounds that...
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    looking for quality domestic products

    I would say practorian or PSL both top notch gmp facility made