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    My TRT experience

    Well I did my labs, talked to the doc and ordered up my TRT. I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous about this step. My T levels came in at 443 free test was 11 my estradiol level was at the bottom end of the range. She's was low and my thyroid level was at 6. In any event I'm just nervous...
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    What tests do I need?

    Well, I was looking to do TRT. However my state is kind of a PITA about this. I tried looking at other places but a multitude of reasons I'm saying no....So I figured I'd order up my own blood draws. In any event, what blood tests should I be ordering? I'm guessing I could order --male hormone...
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    Another new guy post

    Hey all! Well I've done my fair share of new guy posts on other forums (motorcycle, hunting, paintball, airsoft, rock climbing, skydiving,) so yes I'll be reading stickies! Anyway I'm 40m from New York. The reason I'm here is to learn. I'm a former personal trainer and now work on aircraft...