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    GC comes through regardless

    TD. I've placed many orders but this one is different. Was a mix up with what I sent to GC, I was patient then emailed asking if they received what I sent. They hadn't but what does GC do? Sends my pack anyway without confirmation that they received anything from me. Guys what source on this or...
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    Dr. Seuss books "cancelled"

    Here they go again. Forget cancel culture I think it's a sham I do not like it Uncle Sam I am Ignoring achievements In the name of the woke Causing more division With the fires they stoke Taking history out of context Is now the new game Not looking for justice Just someone to blame...
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    Short and long ester dosing question

    I normally run 600 mg/week of test cyp. I tolerate very well and make good gains at that dose. I have test prop, test cyp blend 100mg prop 200 mg cyp. I want to use this at the beginning of my cycle to jump start. My days of dbol first 4 weeks are long gone lol. I was going to do 1/2 ml eod to...
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    Gc td!!

    TD!!! First order with GC, awesome to deal with, very responsive, just went really smooth all the way around. Test C, Tpp/Npp/Mast, launch blend, aromasin, arimidex. Thanks GC!!!! 💪