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    source alibaba

    I ordered a magic lamp from Alibaba, rubbed it three times, and no genie came out. I got scammed.
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    PSL forges Tren Hex report from Lab4tox

    It will suck to lose more quality members over this. The 5 guys I knew and trusted the most have left this board over similar issues. Guys who referred me to AY and another amazing source I won't name because he was blacklisted here many years ago over a fight with the bosses. I ended up using...
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    PSL forges Tren Hex report from Lab4tox

    Dear Suraonyx23, Yes, I'm sure the 60-70 year olds on my school board cruise this forum, you tool, just like your 19 year old shift supervisor at McDonald's does. Now stop putting your own secret sauce on the Big Macs while fantasizing about your teenage co-workers. Isn't about time you put down...
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    PSL forges Tren Hex report from Lab4tox

    So, I had a PSL order arrive a couple of weeks ago and another order expected to arrive Saturday. The total I spent on these 2 orders was very significant. It's test E, sust, Deca, anadrol and Mast E. I stocked up for the future. As a high school teacher I do not have money to throw around. I...
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    PSL forges Tren Hex report from Lab4tox

    My post may have been worded incorrectly or jokingly and I may have jumped the gun but I did use the word "if" which meant I was still waiting for more info. I have been on this board for even more years than my 2014 start date and when I find a good source I refer many of my friends there(AY...
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    PSL forges Tren Hex report from Lab4tox

    Also, thank you to Pickle man. No matter how this ends up, you brought this up, took a ton of grief here, stood your ground and it appears your only motive was to inform members of this mess. Thank you, I only wish this happened 2 days ago, would've saved me a ton of money. And as we say here in...
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    PSL forges Tren Hex report from Lab4tox

    Mother fucker. My W.U. to PSL was just picked up Monday. If this is true about the Teen, I'm guessing my test, Deca and Anadrol are probably junk too. Now I'm sitting on 2 orders of stuff that I'm reluctant to put in my body. I've been burned by Alin, burned by Robo, burned by Brayden. Where is...
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    Smoking, alcohol and coke make anabolic steroids more dangerous for your heart

    Now we know how Chris Farley died. He was actually jacked and a huge juicer. He just wore a fat suit for Tommy Boy.
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    Name one of your favorite Sources and a compound from them

    The baby aspirin and Wesson Oil that Alin sells.
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    Domestic bulk discount?

    I was looking through the Domestic/local pricelist and noticed the bulk deals are no longer on there. For example: the 5 sustanon for $250. Are they gone? Are there no longer discounts for ordering 5 or 10 of an item?
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    Face looking darker on Test cycle

    The Rock and Terry Crews used to be pasty white guys before they started juicing.
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    Updates on international shipping?

    I know that local doesn't have all the selection of international but ordering local always gives me peace of mind. I know I'm going to get it and I know I'm going to get it fast. That makes it well worth paying a bit more and getting less selection. I've had 3 good orders with PSL and only the...
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    My gym opened today, anybody else get lucky?

    The three worst things about Wisconsin: 1. The men have bigger tits than the women. 2. The fat whores here actually think they are hot and wear ill fitting clothes that show off their udders, their stretch marks and their cottage cheese. 3. The people here smell like a combination of ball sweat...
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    My gym opened today, anybody else get lucky?

    Thanks to living in the fattest, drunkest, most idiotic state, Wisconsin, my gym opened today. While I'm glad my gym opened, this dumbass state is now open with no restrictions, the only state in the country to operate that way. No masks, no limits on patrons, no rules whatsoever. I hope...
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    Donating blood.

    BP cutoff is 90 or higher for diastolic at least for the red Cross in shithole Wisconsin.
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    Take a closer look at one of our all NEW payment options!

    Well, my bank flagged the email address/company name I was given by PSL. Even worse, my bank called me up at work and started asking me about who I was sending the money to and now in the future I have to jump through extra hoops to use Zelle. This is exactly why the other supplier I mentioned...
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    Take a closer look at one of our all NEW payment options!

    Thanks bud. I'm going to try it this week.
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    Take a closer look at one of our all NEW payment options!

    At my credit union they have Zelle but under the guidelines, it says they have the right to block transactions to overseas locations and threatens exposure if it's found funds were used for guns, narcotics, steroids, etc. Since I know little about Zelle, how would my bank monitor this and how...
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    Any guesses?

    Cleaning out a spare bedroom and found these with some Armidex. Any idea on what they are?
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    Water Retention

    Thank you for the good info. Appreciate it.