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    pct help

    Hey i have a family member that needs help laying out his pct. Hese 52 and has been on trt for give or take 5 years. He was taking androgel for the first 3 to 3.5 years than switched to 250 of test cyp injections every 2 weeks after i introduced him to them from a doc. He also dabbles with dbol...
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    ephedrine ?

    Can someone pm me in the right direction to where i can get my hands on ephedrine and not bronkaid please
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    hcg question

    I know its probably on thia forum somewhere but i cant find info on it but when you order hcg and its just thr powder in a vial im assuming if i read it correctly but how do you make it g2g also for peptides how do you make then g2g id appreciate any input thank you, also if i could get a pm for...
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    injury questions help please

    I was using 500mg test cyp a week 25-50 mg dbol a day and 50-100mg dbol a day. My strength was amazing however when doing an exercise it sounded like both shoulders just cracked/crumbled inside causing me to drop all weight i was holding, im pretty surwe it was cartilage snapping ive stopped...
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    cycle help/input please

    Hey i was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction without any non necessary commets. I weigh 320 to 330 at 6'1" but everyone tells me i look 260 im 16% bodyfat. My question is what would be the best cycle to turn stomach fat into muscle or just lose it and also something that...