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    Cycle duration question

    I’ve run several cycles and the one thing I’ve always wondered, and maybe it’s not such a big deal, is when does a cycle officially begin and when does it end? Is it the first time it enters your system or when you begin to feel the results, like long esters about 4 weeks for me. So if I say...
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    Next Cycle thoughts

    I recently ended a 12 week cycle of tren. It was my first tren cycle and I feel like it went well. Only real sides I had was elevated bp and night sweats. For bp I took carditone twice a day and it helped keep my top number in the 120’s. My weekly doses were 500mg test c and 400mg tren e. Also...
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    Cycle or cruise?

    Curious, I know there are people who believe in cycling and people who (at later ages) thinks it’s better never to cycle off. I’m 50 and a cycle for me is 200 mg test c e3d and recently I’ve been taking 250iu hcg e3d. Normal cycle would be 12 weeks on 12 weeks off. Pct is generally just...
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    Dbol half life

    I’m 3 weeks in on cycle, 400mg test c e3d, 50mg provi ed, and I want to begin dbol @ 50mg ed. I have 25mg tabs, is it ok to take one in the am and one in the pm, or should I just take it all at once ed? Does it really matter? Tia
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    Hcg question

    Hi this is my first time taking HCG so I think I understand but I just want to be sure. I am starting a new cycle and want to try hcg during my cycle so that my reccovery is a little easier on my body. I have 4 small bottles of eurogil 5000 and I have them refrigerated right now. I also have...
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    Quick hcg question

    When I receive it in the mail, does it need to be refrigerated before and after I reconstitute it or just after? Tia
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    Liquid dbol question

    Normal cycle for me is testc/deca/dbol. Dbol has always been orals 30mg/ed, 10mg ea so one in the morning, afternoon, and one in the evening before I train. just got some oil that I am excited to try that is 50mg/ml, which means I’ll be pinning it ed, which is fine, but I’m assuming I would pin...
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    Anavar - first time

    I'm on about week three of my current cycle which is just e3d TextC 350, deca 100, dbol 30mg ed and prove 50ed I'm done with dbol in a week. I'd like to try Anavar but I'm wondering should I drop deca and provi too so I can get a better idea of how the var makes me feel? Also what would a good...
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    Blood results - test lower than normal

    Hi, so I'm 49yrs old and I do blood work every 6 months whether on a cycle or off. When I say cycle, I'm pretty conservative so basically 200mg e3d TestC is generally it, but I my also do 6 weeks of Deca 100mg e3d. I dont need an AI while on this. Dating back to 2017 my off cycle test levels...
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    First time doing macros, need some advice

    Ok this my first time ever doing macros. For the most part I eat pretty healthy. I m lucky to have my wife meal prep for me o I don’t have to eat out a lot. To say the least, I’m shocked. I always figured I was getting enough protein, I’m not. I have current,y been off cycle for two months...
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    Kidney and eGfr

    kind of a long story but I wanted to share in case anybody else is interested or concerned when reading their blood work. Some of this is just my opinion and may not be completely accurate. last month I completed another off cycle blood test and received a call from my doctor who stated that...
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    Pinning frequency

    Kind of a noob question but I’ve always wondered with the cypionate water or deca, pinning e3d is that religiously e3d so Monday, Thursday, Sunday,Wednesday.....etc etc or can it jut be like Wednesday and Sunday every week. Or am I overthinking this. Because the first option is pinning so:times...
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    First tren cycle - not as expected

    My normal cycle is test c/deca/dbol. 400mg/week of test/deca then around week 3 I introduce 30mg/day dbol. I’ve never like kick starting with dbol, I like to feel the deca before I start having those crazy workouts. I’ll do .5 Adex every three days with 10mg provi Ed and once I start taking...
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    First Tren cycle....

    First Tren cycle, I historically run test c/deca/dbol cycle and my receptors fire perfect off of this combo. Read a lot about Tren, have a few friends on it with mixed feelings about it, mostly positive. I finally decided to try a short cycle of it. Question I have is, if I decide it’s not for...
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    Testosterone Cypionate(DHB

    Has anyone run this and what are your thoughts. Still have to run a test base with it? i normally just run test c/deca/dbol but this stuff has me intrigued.
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    Sustanon vs cypionate

    Been taking cypionate as my base test and have been pinning shoulders to give my glutes a break. I cocktail it with deca so I’m generally pinning 3cc every three days, which seems to be a lot in my shoulder, pip gets pretty rough sometime. Question is, if I decide to drop the cyp and switch to...
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    NPP Frequency

    Wondering if it's ok to take NPP every three days. I have read that every other day is how it is normally dosed but I am stacking it with test C and Mast E so Im wondering if the different esters are an issue? I've always taken Deca so I am eager to try NPP to see how I feel on it but not...
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    NPP Frequency

    posted in wrong section sorry
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    Nor19 + Tamoxifen

    Is it ok to take Tamoxfien when running Deca? I believe I read somewhere that this isn't a good idea. I have Aromasin and was taking 12.5 eod and it doesn't seem to be making the tingling go away.
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    Few questions on HCG

    Recently purchased some Eurigil from psl and was just doing some research on it before I have to actually use it. I was always under the impression that the method of admin was insulin syringes, however in the instructions it says for intramuscular use only? There is a 2ml vial of bact water...