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  1. Little BamBam

    Purity Source Labs ANSOMONE HGH BACK IN STOCK! Now at a lower price!

    PSL is happy to inform you that our ANSOMONE Pharmacy grade HGH is now back in stock, and at an even LOWER PRICE! Ansomone is a Chinese Pharmaceutical grade human growth hormone. Don't be fooled by the price....this is the real deal people Supplier:Ansomone, China Chemical Name:Somatropinum...
  2. Little BamBam

    New Reps Sale extension

    Sale has been extended into march until further notice get it while it lasts!!! Due To LBB and JGR's new positions! Get $50 free products for the orders equal to or more than $250; Get $100 free products and 1 vial of Methenolone Enanthate for the orders equal to or more than $500; Get $200...
  3. Little BamBam

    PSL Question on order

    I have a question on my recent order from PSL I have been getting emails before but I had to re-register and I used my new email. I have checked my sent box and spam/junk and nothing. I would use my old one but this order has been placed under new email. I have an important question for PSL or...
  4. Little BamBam

    for all nighters

    How many of you fucker. Graveyard workers. Don't have a job mofos are still awake. And i must include all you porn addicts staying up late to wack off. So who's up:coffee:
  5. Little BamBam

    2nd round nude leaks who

    Who's got em post em here lol
  6. Little BamBam

    Tapatalk error

    Anyone else getting a Tapatalk error on Android?
  7. Little BamBam

    Watch "#JusticeForAaron" on YouTube

    #JusticeForAaron: http://youtu.be/ba-I7mgkeeE Have at this piece of shit guys
  8. Little BamBam

    E.P. Log (P.S.L. sponsored) LBB

    Hey guys I will be logging my thoughts and results from E.P. line from P.S.L. i wanna thank P.S.L. for letting me have this opportunity. So far communication has been top notch. I will be starting soon when gift comes in. I will post pics. Stay tuned in this will be my first experience with P.S.L
  9. Little BamBam

    anabolicpharma-eu March sale

    sale for march from anabolicpharma-eu BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ASIA PHARMA OILS BD HGH KITS BUY 2 GET 1 FREE BD WINNY AND DBOL TABS $ 50 BOTTLES if none of these are appealing10% off anything that is regular priced to get these promos when checking out type in the instructions / comments box...
  10. Little BamBam

    anabolicpharma-eu January promo

    all Asia pharma is buy 2 get 2 free (excluding anavar) BD Anavar buy 2 get 1 free BD HGH buy 2 kits get 1 free to receive promo type in the instructions / comments box when checking out "Little bambam said (whatever promo you are using) Anabolicpharma-eu...
  11. Little BamBam

    $50 ASIA PHARMA and BD

    Alright guys as the title states $50 vials of Asia pharma and $50 bottles of British dragon winstrol and dbol This will last until 1159pm Christmas night This is brought to you from our sponsor anabolicpharma-eu Www.anabolicpharma-eu.com thanks guys and gals have safe and happy holidays
  12. Little BamBam

    Black friday specials

    Alright guys and gals the biggest shopping day of the year Black Friday Anabolicpharma-eu is giving you guys the $60 Asia pharma vials still with no minimum order Also he will have buy 2 BD HGH kits and get one kit free we will have this starting 6 am Thanksgiving Day til Sunday at 1159pm...
  13. Little BamBam

    $60 vials Asia pharma APE

    Let's get this rollin guys $60 Asia pharma vials No minimum order This is brought to us by our sponsor anabolicpharma-eu http://www.anabolicpharma-eu.com/catalog/asia-pharma-steroids.aspx if anyone has questions pm me we have many promos out at the moment
  14. Little BamBam

    HGH sustanon Promo anabolic pharma-eu

    Dear friends, next 2 days offer! buy 300iu HGH humantropin http://www.anabolicpharma-eu.com/product/BUY_SOMATROPIN.aspx and receive 50 amps sustanon 250mg /ml http://www.anabolicpharma-eu.com/product/sustanon-buy-sustanon250-sustabolic-sustabol-bd.aspx amp FREE and save big money! dont...
  15. Little BamBam

    Anabolic Threshold

    http://youtu.be/6FkaDku8sdo Seen this video last nigh i wanna hear some input from vets or anyone that would like to chime in on this really surprised me
  16. Little BamBam

    Anabolic-Pharma-Eu deals and promos

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know about anabolic-pharma-eu they are a sponsor on here their banners are up but do not have a sponsor spot. Anyway the PROMOS are as follows : ALL ASIA PHARMA orals and oils are BOGO free "Little BamBam said asia pharma buy one get one free" British Dragon HGH...
  17. Little BamBam

    liquid dbol

    Has anyone tried liquid dbol? thoughts? opinions? differences besides that its liquid? compared to good old dbol tabs
  18. Little BamBam

    New to ASF

    Hey guys Little BamBam here new to this board looking forward to learning from you guys and giving my input whenever possible. Looks like i know some faces from here which is great.