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  1. TripleOvertime

    Happy birthday oldschool

    Friend fail. Totally forgot this good dudes bday this year. Happy belated buddy.
  2. TripleOvertime

    Monster labs Black Friday sale

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. 18% discount on orders $300+. Oils and orals only are included in this sale. Use one of these codes during checkout: BLKDAY BLKDAY18 BLKFRI BLKFRI18 Important: during checkout you will see an ‘order notes section’. In there please write GGG or...
  3. TripleOvertime

    Happy Bday Milford K

    Hope it’s a good one pal. Eat some cake and ice cream and leave the bodybuilding junk alone for the day. Enjoy yourself and family.
  4. TripleOvertime

    Welcome to ASF, king labs

    Welcome to ASF. Good to see you here. Joos23 is good people.
  5. TripleOvertime

    Flash labs TD

    But triple, why would you order from a competing lab and post a TD thread? Simple, I always believe to give credit where it is due. I use flash labs for products that my shop doesn’t produce, or is out of stock when I need them. Flash has never done me wrong. I also believe it is a good idea...
  6. TripleOvertime

    Monsters website/ mass PM

    Hello everyone. I received multiple messages about our website. The mass PM that went out accidentally had our back up site address on it. Please visit us at monster-gear.com for easy access website. Thank you everyone for your interest. Please let ggg or myself know if there are any questions.
  7. TripleOvertime

    Monsters “pic you took” contest .

    Contest is over guys , thanks for playing. 2-3-2021 Alright ASF. We are going to be making this a monthly contest. You can post a picture of anything you want, as long as it is a real picture you took, not a copy/paste from the internet. pictures of a cool car you saw/own, your Monster...
  8. TripleOvertime

    Contest winner

    921 I wanted to get this up ASAP for you guys. I don’t have time to check who the winner is at the moment. Will check back in later. Winner has 48 hours to claim prize. Thanks all for playing. Keep your eye open for more!
  9. TripleOvertime

    Monster carrier oil

    We have transitioned into all mct for every oil based product. We will still carry the gold line products, which have always been mct, but with more hormone per ml. No more gso. Ggg or triple10 for that discount. Any questions, let us know.
  10. TripleOvertime

    Contest - part 2 - Monster Labs

    Going with a maxmucle inspired contest. I know he is a fan of our gold line products. So up for grabs, one monster Test cyp/Enth at 400mg/ml. Also throwing in an npp 100mg/ml, also mct. lets kick off the numbers where we left off. 556-1110 as many guesses as you want, only stipulation is...
  11. TripleOvertime

    Monster Labs website

    We are finally live again at ASF. I will be repping here along side of the boss, GGG. Glad to be back as an official rep at my home site here. many of you have already noticed that our website is pass word protected. This is just temporary while we finalize our ASF exclusive website, due to...
  12. TripleOvertime

    Prayers for OldSchool

    Woke up to some horrible news. Our friend oldschool had atleast one stroke n his sleep. A 95% loss of strength in his left arm. Some memory loss and motor skill function problems. Currently Waiting to see what to do next. He won’t be give it up on us, I can tell you that. He is too damn...
  13. TripleOvertime

    Flash labs TD

    I’ve been wanting to give this shop a go for a while now. Have never heard anything bad about them, and with JJB1 with his rep presence it seem that a guy couldn’t go wrong trying them out. With my usual go to lab being out of stock on superdrol I figure this was the perfect time while they...
  14. TripleOvertime

    SUK Red, white and gold TD

    I’ve been using Kratom off and on for several years. Far more off than on. I use it for a good kick in the ass when unmotivated and one hell of a way of adjusting a shit attitude. I’m more of a Friday night/weekend warrior with my use, so I will try these out as the time goes by and stop back...
  15. TripleOvertime

    creating a mixed music cd online

    Day by day the music on the radio gets worse. Horrible, some of the junk that is even produced these days. Long story short, I googled and it looks like there are online companies that allow you to create your own cd with songs you choose? Has anyone ever done this? If so, which online...
  16. TripleOvertime

    Happy Halloween ASF

    Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe driving around tonight. There will be a lot of really excited little kiddos running around the streets. Also, if you have kids collecting candy, be sure to inspect their gatherings before they eat it. stay safe, fam.
  17. TripleOvertime

    Milford King

    Happy birthday Milford. You're not old yet, but your creeping that way. enjoy the youth. Here's to hoping you get a big giant cake with a naked woman that jumps out of it.
  18. TripleOvertime


    Happy birthday bro. Sure do hope its the best ever:twothumbs:
  19. TripleOvertime


    I've received quite a few messages from good bros wondering of the where about of our friend oldschool, so I figured I would address this in the open. First and foremost, the man is alive, well and in great health. He's a busy busy man and a damn hard worker. His day job is consuming at 50-60...
  20. TripleOvertime


    Happy birthday bro. Hopes its a good one.