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  1. bababoeyasf

    Blue collar godz

    it looks like they are back in business. Didn’t they leave on bad terms?
  2. bababoeyasf

    ufc 254 stream?

    Anyone watching this? I would love a good link if anyone is streaming
  3. bababoeyasf


    Any recommendations on sources to buy hmg? Thanks
  4. bababoeyasf

    Good buddy of mines results

    This a long time buddy of mine I got turned onto the gear church brand. He was running 4ml a week of the prop/tren/mast p blend. The new stuff that’s 300mg a ml. He would do 2ml say Monday and 2ml Thursday. Truth is I don’t know the exact days but it was 2 shots a week as evenly spread in the...
  5. bababoeyasf

    Tren a mast blend

    150mg of each per cc! I never see tren ace over 100mg per cc. How's it hold and hows the bite? Same for any of the new blends im curious about pip
  6. bababoeyasf

    IA is back

    Over on my other board IA is back. Im very Suprised by this i remember them leaving under bad conditions. I know i got some totally bunk orals from them
  7. bababoeyasf

    Gear chuch npp tpp results

    I was on vacation eating everything terrible you could eat for a week lol 3 cheat meals a day 7 days a row. Back home now back to the diet. But my wife got this pic of me and its about as big as i have ever looked. 6 foot 3 250 are the stats. Test npp and masteron no orals. Masteron was another...
  8. bababoeyasf

    Soma biotech somatropin

    Anyone have any exsperience with this hgh? i trust this forum most and am not seeing anything on here. Hope to hear something
  9. bababoeyasf

    Test tren mast results

    I found this on my phone when i was running this mix in may or june this pic was taken. I was sitting there fucking qith hot wheel toys hadnt even worked out yet that day and my legs were popping lol
  10. bababoeyasf

    Estrodial vs esteodial sensitive

    I am very interested in getting my estrogen levels checked. Should i get the sensitive or regular estrodial?
  11. bababoeyasf

    Checking estrogen and prolactin

    I believe i am experiencing high levels of prolactin and possible high estrogen. What's the best test for this? Or which is the correct one to order i should from privatemd. Thanks!
  12. bababoeyasf

    Arimidex vs aromasin which is stronger

    I have read so much conflicting information on which is stronger. Any vets on here want to chime in on which is better at lowering estrogen
  13. bababoeyasf

    Dnp source

    anyone have a source? I am not seeing it on monsters website anymore. I believe panda is out capsules. Dinitro and buycrystaldnp are gone and i think enhanced athlete also. Please help!
  14. bababoeyasf

    Liquid arimidex

    Holy shit this stuff better work because its the most intolerable horrendous tasting shit ever lol
  15. bababoeyasf

    Very interesting HGH video

  16. bababoeyasf

    Bitcoin issue please help

    So I got kicked off coinbase a while back. I was recommended to use bitpay after that and am having trouble. I deposited 200 into my bitpay wallet from a bitcoin atm. Money is in my wallet but it won't let me sell or send or do anything with my money because it says my funds are insufficient...
  17. bababoeyasf

    Puretropin Blood test Iron Lion

    I have been on 3.3 iu for about 6 months. The last couple months puretropin exclusively. I also posted this in their subform but wanted to here as well. I guess for being on 6 months scores can be lower because you build up an antibody or something so i think this number is very good but am...
  18. bababoeyasf

    Puretropin blood test

    Just wanted to get a thread going about my blood test. Got IGF tested as its said thats a better test than a gh serum. Test was yesterday followed the testing protocol exactly. I have a bunch of these and have been using them for a while now so i hope its good and not all wasted money...
  19. bababoeyasf

    Eq thread!

    What do you boys like to stack it with? A lot of people say as and deca or npp is a waste. However a lot of people get high blood pressure with eq so tren and eq might me a problem. Is everyone agreeable that 600mg a week or more is the sweet spot and cycle lengths of 16 to 20 weeks? Would be...
  20. bababoeyasf

    Big day for me thanks to everyone here

    After a whole year of having a central line dangling out of my chest i got it removed last week. Haven't taken a shower in a year because I couldn't get it wet. No swimming washing my hair in a sink for a year. Small things we don't realize how much we will miss. Going to Palm springs next week...