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  1. TripleOvertime

    Monsters “pic you took” contest .

    Hey everyone. Glad to see this still going! I took a little break from here but I’m back now. It’s a new month. Still going!
  2. TripleOvertime

    Trains return to the stage log

    Just catching back up in here. Have been out of pocket with real life events. You look great bro! I sent you a PM. Thanks for the killer log bro.
  3. TripleOvertime

    Happy birthday oldschool

    Friend fail. Totally forgot this good dudes bday this year. Happy belated buddy.
  4. TripleOvertime

    Trains return to the stage log

    You look fricking great bro!
  5. TripleOvertime

    Another great TD!

    Thank you for your return business taco! We are in it for the long haul brother. - - - Updated - - - Thabks for your interest, we will not let you down.
  6. TripleOvertime

    Monster labs Black Friday sale

    All PM’s returned. Sorry for the delayed responses the last few days. Let me know if anyone needs anything.
  7. TripleOvertime

    Monster Labs, Purity Source Labs, Gear Church, Iron Lion Labs........

    Monsters Black Friday sale! http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/threads/107246-Monster-labs-Black-Friday-sale?p=1782122#post1782122 thabks to the entire FF org here at asf. Players, commish and sponsors. - - - Updated - - - Thank for representing monster bro. Best FF player in the league...
  8. TripleOvertime

    Monster labs Black Friday sale

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. 18% discount on orders $300+. Oils and orals only are included in this sale. Use one of these codes during checkout: BLKDAY BLKDAY18 BLKFRI BLKFRI18 Important: during checkout you will see an ‘order notes section’. In there please write GGG or...
  9. TripleOvertime

    GarlicChicken Back to the Grind

    thats really cool GC. Something you’ll cherish the rest of your life, especially considering who it was gifted from. Very special.
  10. TripleOvertime

    The Salty Cracker Videos

  11. TripleOvertime

    MM testing on 5iu a day

    Damnit MM. take care of yourself. Fuck China virus.
  12. TripleOvertime

    Monsters “pic you took” contest .

    Keep those pics coming bro’s.
  13. TripleOvertime

    Trains return to the stage log

    Doing great bro! You sound motivated.
  14. TripleOvertime

    Monsters “pic you took” contest .

    As if your big ass wasn’t intimidating enough lol
  15. TripleOvertime

    Monsters “pic you took” contest .

    Cutting and tying bar will make you real man, Real fast. Hard as work, hands of leather.
  16. TripleOvertime

    M.King Monster Log

    My favorite part is when you said you’ll put your foot down on getting a second dog. That’s what I did. here I am three dogs deep. Female humans always get their damn way. hows the hand btw?
  17. TripleOvertime

    My brothers first cycle

    Right on. If he thought his oral only cycle was great, just wait to see what he thinks about an above average testosterone level. Whole new ball game. I’m glad you found this place. There is a Wealth of knowledge here and a good group of smart people.
  18. TripleOvertime

    My brothers first cycle

    I’ve seen many people use oral only cycles. I always suggest atleast a test base of course. Is he against using testosterone? Every thing works out so much better with the male hormone added.