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  1. OfficerFarva

    WesleyInman for mod!

    ASF is in serious disrepair due to my negligence and needs your help right meow before it follows in the footsteps of IMF and becomes a desolate wasteland inhabited only by those banned from other forums. Words can hurt and if especially mean ones are used it may cause the person they are...
  2. OfficerFarva

    Lion's Mane

    It's the cats ass (especially for you geriatrics aka 83% of this board), you're welcome for the enlightening I've bestowed upon you newbs. What would you think about eating a mushroom that looks a little like the scruff of a lion? Not totally convinced about lion’s mane mushroom? What if...
  3. OfficerFarva

    I <3 Trump

    How can you even argue against this (read the whole article, he wants to import Europeans and Asians, not people from broken countries)? Trump says he wants fewer immigrants from 'shithole countries' in Africa, more from places like Norway...
  4. OfficerFarva

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Weight Gain Correlation?

    Is there a possible correlation between the two? I'm getting symptoms of carpal tunnel in both of my arms, and I've never had it before. My weight has gone up over 30lbs in three months, the majority of the increase taking place during the last few weeks. Could all of the extra water weight...
  5. OfficerFarva

    Blood Pressure Medication

    I'm relatively young and might have to take this stuff for the foreseeable future. I don't know much about them, yet, but in the meantime is there a certain one that would be recommended for the gear abusing lifestyle? I was given perindropril to start with.
  6. OfficerFarva

    Photobucket Replacement?

    They now require you to pay a monthly fee to host 3rd party images aka links to sites such as this one. Are there any other free image hosting sites that allow you to remove photos whenever you want?
  7. OfficerFarva

    Dear ASF Members, your input is requested/needed.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done a good deed for a stranger, and what better place than ASF to find and help one out. The member that I feel is most in need is no other than cheapthreadz. I’ve decided that I will take it upon myself to teach him some basic English. This is where I’ll need...
  8. OfficerFarva

    Place Your Bets!

    I bought myself a fancy chest heart rate monitor and it works great. Recently, after abusing various drugs and right before coming I thought my heart was going to explode, which lead me to the idea of seeing what my heart rate is when I do the deed. Also I decided it's time I give instead of...
  9. OfficerFarva

    Which sponsors ship to Canada?

    I need me some bathtub gearz to get my bulking cycle started but l live in the land of never ending winter. Can anyone help me out?
  10. OfficerFarva

    Pharm Grade Test C Only Cycle?

    I have 12000mg of Test C from my pharmacy, so I know it's the real deal. I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to see what a test only cycle can do, and not have to worry about it being what it says on the label. I'm starting a bulking phase with my coach and was originally planning on a Test E...
  11. OfficerFarva

    Calling all dabbing experts!

    I'm about to dabble in the world of dabs and am looking into a good e-vape pen to use as my tool. I'd prefer something that isn't to expensive but still works very well, is discrete, and good for traveling. You can literally spend as much as you want on these things I've come to realize. Here...
  12. OfficerFarva

    HRM questions

    Do you guys like chest straps or do you they get annoying to wear? I want something that is very accurate and am trying to decide between going with a wrist strap or a chest strap monitor. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm doing some research right now but I kind of like you guys...
  13. OfficerFarva

    Looking for Dyazide

    If anyone knows of a legit place I can order some please PM the info. Love you long time. :kiss:
  14. OfficerFarva

    Don’t upgrade Tapatalk

    The new version is garbage, they removed the timeline feature as far as I can tell. The layout is annoying as fuck to boot. Happy posting [emoji8].
  15. OfficerFarva

    Computer Forum Suggestions

    I'm looking for a good computer forum with information to help me build my own rig and ask questions as I go. Any recommendations would be great!
  16. OfficerFarva

    Pharm Grade Accutane, Arimidex, and UDCA for sale

    I have for sale: 102 40mg/tab Accutane 180 10mg/tab Accutane 80 1mg/tab pharm grade arimidex (it's from my TRT, I didn't include a picture because it's in the bottles that came from the pharmacy) 60 1mg/tab Genshi armidex 3x 60ml 250mg/ml UDCA from IronMagResearch If anyone is interested...
  17. OfficerFarva

    Wasted life

    So I was sitting back and pondering life and realized that I've wasted a good portion of my mine on this forum and IMF over the last 10+ years. Yet I'm still here, even after extended breaks I keep coming back. I was on IMF before Rob allowed AAS sponsors, the number one sponsor was Gorilla...
  18. OfficerFarva

    Gyno Surgery Out Of Country

    Has anyone or does anyone know of someone that has gone out of country to have their gyno removed? I'm looking into my options right now and it's going to cost me close to 7k to get it done here. I'd rather spend a few thousand less and make a mini vacation out of it, as long as the quality of...
  19. OfficerFarva

    Time To Take Out the Garbage

    This place is spiraling out of control and something needs to be done. SheriV is no longer pm'ing me nudes, DieselJimmy is strung out on MDMA somewhere in Barcelona, and Mike Arnold is giving out sex advice in the anabolic section. Seriously, even the tranny content is entering endangered...
  20. OfficerFarva

    Melanotan-2 is amazing!

    I've been running MT2 from IronMagResearch (I purchased it myself, I didn't get the rep special stuff ;) ) for just over a week now. My current dosage is 250mcg/day until I get to my desired darkness. This stuff has been amazing, I've only tanned twice now for a minimal amount of time and I'm...