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  1. topspeed300km

    Where does your doctor like to see your numbers?

    after seeing a hand full of different Dr's, it seems most are cool with a max around 900 and like it most in the 700's but that because of "what they learned in school". So when you bring up quality of life, energy, sex life, muscle mass etc. and disregard the "numbers" they seem much more open...
  2. topspeed300km

    New member saying hi

    Welcome my friend, you came to great place for knowledge and advice on your up coming cycle. make sure to browse the site!
  3. topspeed300km

    New cycle in a couple weeks

    How many weeks are you planning on running? Have you used Tren E before? Looks like you should get some really solid results with this one, and better use that AI because things can get out of hand really quick.
  4. topspeed300km

    How long do you wait......

    Exactly, there are multiple great spots with slin pin's.
  5. topspeed300km

    Hello from a new Member!

    welcome this is an excellent board with tons of great information
  6. topspeed300km


    another solid 1st poster..im sure he will be gone soon. At least say you "tried searching or..did some research into it"
  7. topspeed300km

    Ever get wife pregnant on blast?

    lol never say never and dont assume. That shit can and will happen!
  8. topspeed300km

    Bostin Loyds 15 y/o apprentice

    I think Bostin is really proud since the kid says he "looks up to him" and some shit about mentoring lol
  9. topspeed300km


    welcome my friend, this is an excellent board with tons of great info.
  10. topspeed300km

    Ronda rousey

    seriously impressive, she wants to go down in history as one of the best. anyone can lose on any given day, best of luck to her in the upcoming fight.
  11. topspeed300km

    This dumb shit got what he deserved imo...thoughts?

    I just get the point of shit talking to that level? i mean he really has that much dislike towards mma? either way i doubt he will be trolling for a while.
  12. topspeed300km

    Dumb question

    ^^yep. if your are going UG always go with a trusted, reputable lab not the cheapest or best "deals".
  13. topspeed300km

    5000 iu mixed in 10 ml bacteriostatic water

    that is good stuff brother, thanks for the link!
  14. topspeed300km

    ProjectSwole New Member

    welcome brother, you will love this board! great guys, great info, low drama. join the convo!:winkfinger:
  15. topspeed300km

    AgentYes AY Gear, still around?

    when i think about ay goodies lolz
  16. topspeed300km

    Are peptides even worth it?

    peptides have always been an interest to me, its just finding quality info, dosing, timing etc. slowly building up my knowledge before i seriously indulge. They seem to be good as an add on during cycle.
  17. topspeed300km

    New To Site - Have Heard A Lot of Positive Things!

    welcome brother, and yes this place is awesome! low drama, great members, tons of info!! join in!
  18. topspeed300km

    is it possible too take to many supps/vitamins?

    Long-term supplemental intakes of EPA and DHA combined up to about 5 g/day do not increase the risk of spontaneous bleeding episodes or bleeding complications even in subjects at high risk of bleeding (e.g. taking acetylsalicylic acid or anti-coagulants). Supplemental intakes of EPA and DHA...
  19. topspeed300km

    PCT Question S.O.S !!! Warning !!! Help !!!

    you should be completely honest with your Doc so you guys are on the same page. If he doesnt have a lot of experience with HRT or drugs like HCG Clomid etc. he can get you referred to an Endo who specialized in this stuff. Put you on a plan and get you back to normal much faster.