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  1. topspeed300km

    Bio-Gro Opinions

    whats up guys, i was interested in everyones opinion of the "hype" with Bio-Gro. what do you think about the studies, results, and how it would respond with Gear. lets hear it!
  2. topspeed300km

    how to make someone quit smoking

    fucking hilarious!
  3. topspeed300km

    Cruising Combos

    ok brothers, i have been interested in cruising and i have seen alot of guys go with test-e of course but others throw in low dose eq or deca. So lets hear what combos you have tried and what doses, and how the results were!!! Leggo!
  4. topspeed300km

    ultimate detox cycle?

    alright guys i have been reading up alot of detox's and how great they are for the body with all the chemicals and stress we put on the body. help clean blood, kidneys, liver, skin etc. i havent done one myself and there are alot that look like a bunch of diuretics and laxitives. So lets hear...
  5. topspeed300km

    username WTF?

    So i get on the forums often and i see some weirdass/different usernames. And i know you tricks didnt just pull it out of your ass..there has got to be a story behind it..mine in particular, me being a diehard car guy one of my goals is to get my current project car to a topspeed of...
  6. topspeed300km


    whats up guys, i was wondering what yall thought about Ageforce and their supplement patches. They claim to have much higher bioavailability due being able to bypass the digestive track and get directly into the bloodstream. Also they offer alot of diff. things like creatine, multi, aminos, HGH...
  7. topspeed300km

    gloves and shit.

    As i progess in my training and move up in weight, it seems i destroy a pair of gloves every 2-5months depending which ones. And those bitches arent cheap $20-50. i know we got some big dudes on the boards that can really move some weight, so what is everyone using these days? gloves, straps...
  8. topspeed300km

    protein farts?

    I know you bitches put down a shit load of eggs, fish, protein powder and stuff. I was at the grocery store stocking up on the usual supplies. and in the frozen meat section and I had already put down half gallon of milk, 7 eggs, 2 shakes and other foods and there was an old couple about 10 ft...
  9. topspeed300km

    Doctors Advice?

    I know alot of you guys are experienced and knowledgeable about diet and training and what not. So when it comes to your cycles (past/present) how many of ya'll seek a doctors advice before/during/after it. Or do you base it off your own research/knowledge/info from others and get bloodwork done...
  10. topspeed300km

    Staple: Your Top 5 Supplements

    We all have out supplements that we use year around. To keep us healthy, normal, energized, and performing. Now protein is something that the majority of us keep in Bulk, so lets hear YOUR top 5-10 supps. that you use all year! Share and info, tips, or recommendations that have worked well...
  11. topspeed300km

    New Years resolutions, lets hear 'em!

    Well, clearly the world isnt going to end so that means a new year is upon us! And i KNOW we all have something we plan to do/do different. So lets hear it, Get Bigger, Cut down,less partying, work related, family related. POST 'EM!
  12. topspeed300km

    Not your typical New Guy!

    What's up guys! i'm really excited about finally joining the ASF forums to chat, learn and expand my knowledge and diet, training, and supplementation. A little about myself.. i am a 26yr old former competitive amateur endurance athlete and was for about 12 years, competing in road...