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    Ordered but no pa***nt instructions yet.

    I have order confirmed mail in my email, i havent paid anything yet or gotten instructions. I havent gotten any p****nt instructions yet in my spam folder I guess im using protonmail thats why. I opened a ticket but no response yet.
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    Napsgear bunk DBOL ?

    Ok so I have been taking 25mg gp dbol from naps for the last 3 weeks or so. My weight has gone up and down around 2 kg. At the beginning it was 54 kg and now its 55.9kg and it fluctuates. I do get acne from it but literally any hormone can cause that, even a cheaper non-anabolic one. I notice my...
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    Any promo codes for first time buyers on the site ?

    Looking to buy from here soon
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    How much hair would I lose from mast ? (not pre-disposed to hair loss)

    My dad had noticeable crown thinning starting in his early 50's ... so how much of a risk would I be taking as a 21yr old if I do mast ?
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    lifehacking prescriptions (get more than youre prescibed)

    Its simple, photocopy your prescription sheet in color. Then go to multiple pharmacies each with the copy of the doctors prescription. I had to resort to this because I was given very low dose accutane 10mg. It works in my shit hole country anyways just wanted to share.
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    accutane dosage doc prescribed me 10mg

    Isnt 10mg too less?? This is a months supply. I have to take 10mg everyday for 30 days. what good is 10mg gonna do.. im 55kg, even the lowest dosages ive read online is 0.5mg / kg of weight so i shouldve got like 25mg daily ??
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    ISN number from geneza

    Is there any link where I can verify the ISN number or something of products i received through napsgear ? I know some pharmas have verification number on the packaging which you can put on a site to verify.
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    Crushing DBOL pills

    If I crush dbol pills and drink the crushed dbol with water, will it have the same effect as drinking the pill ? Does the pill need to be dissolved in the stomach or can it be dissolved in water and then drunk ? Im asking this cause I stupidly bought 50mg pills and its hard to get 12.5 mg out of...
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    Calories in rice cooked or uncooked?

    NVM im dumb delete topic
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    Good Dapoxetine seller from naps

    I see a lot of indian pharmacies selling dapoxitene on naps. Theyre all super cheap and have little reviews so I just want a little help, which one do you guys go with ? I dont wanna go with Odin cause its 110 bucks. For those that dont know, dapoxitene is for delaying 3jaculatio.n
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    Tretonoin cream for dbol acne(face)

    I know accutane is used for acne commonly with gear acne. It comes in pill form. Isotretonoin is the scientific name for accutane. I cant get my hands on accutane but I got some tretonoin cream. Its a topical cream and sounds similar to isotretonoin, google says its just a cream version of...
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    Cialis or Viagra to last longer?

    Ive tried cialis 20mg and 10mg and havent noticed a different in time to 'pop'... is viagra any different. ive heard on the forums that cialis will delay popping time but havent noticed anything different. now i did get the free 4 cialis from the source when I ordered and it was generic so...
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    Peanut butter 200g everyday

    I am eating 200g of peanut butter everyday. Is this going to detrimental at all to muscle building ? Will it cause bloat ?
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    DBOL solo cycle (with adex)

    So I just started my dbol only cycle today. 25mg/day, Adex e3d. Nolvadex after 2 days of cycle as PCT. Felt my arms get tighter than ever before doing bicep workouts. Veins were popping out of my arms out of places I didnt even know had veins. Using geneza products. I'm not using Test as its...
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    ugfreaks.to legit?

    I found that with most ratings online. There's some sus reviews on trustpilot but they can be bots.
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    Thinking of starting cycle. Is my dosages good ?

    dbol 25mg daily AI - arimidex 0.5mg daily / depending on reaction PCT 3 days after - Nolvadex 40/40/20/10 + Mass gainer shakes (to reach 2k calories) There is no way I can add injections. Orals only. Should I add test undecanoate or test gels to get T in the mix ?
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    Iasuperpharma rep ?

    Is the products legit ? Site looks legit. I got this from a vid of Bostin Loyd.
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    Roidshop.to legit

    Anyone here used roidshop recently ? Is it legit
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    PO Box international delivery available ?

    Title ^
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    Pills for slowing metabolism

    So just like there are T3 for people for speeding up their metabolism as well as clen for people in that overweight category, is there anything in the extremely high metabolism category to slow down metabolism ?