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  1. namessuck

    cycle blood work help

    Ok I am on 5 weeks test/E 500mg wk. My estrogen has more than doubled on aromasin 12.5 ED. How can this be on 500mg? I can only attribute me feeling like shit last 3 weeks to this. Take more? Aromasin bunk? Bad cholesteral went up but not to bad should I worry about that? What you all think?
  2. namessuck

    Ass cant take anymore

    I have really stepped up my eating since I started my cycle and now shitting 3 to 4 times a day and my asshole cant take anymore pain. wiping. I can not be the only one with this problem so any remedy you guys know?
  3. namessuck

    need some advice

    I started 500mg week Test/E w/aromasin pinned July 30 250mg then on Aug 2nd.but did not start aromasin Then last week I over exerted myself and didn't feel right for a few days took 5 days off. someone on here suggested I take blood test which I should have done in the first place. I was...
  4. namessuck

    close grip press

    I'm curious how much people on here can close grip bench press (hands 6" apart) no one in my gym does them and I can damn near do 315 which is as much as my wide grip. I always thought close grip is harder?
  5. namessuck

    anyone over exert themselves badly?

    I am wondering if any lifters over exerted themselves. I was taking a commercial refrigerator out of a building and it wouldn't fit through the door a person tipped it back towards me and i wasn't expecting the whole load and wham I grunted and got it out but when I did I swear I was going to...
  6. namessuck

    am I trippin?

    I started my first cycle with test-e. 2x a week. only on first week pinned second time last Sunday and supposed to do it today but went on camping trip in cabin and forgot it and wont be back till Monday. Now am I trippin thinking I need to drive 2 hrs back to get it or will I be ok in waiting...
  7. namessuck

    Low T treatment question

    Recently I have been hearing about Low -T treatment and heart attack issues like its some epidemic. Now Im seeing TV ads for lawsuits like men are just dropping like flies but hear nothing like " Bodybuilders dying of heart attacks because of testosterone usage" am I missing something? Or is...