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    Diamond pharma

    Anyone ever use? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What is your favorite “high end” ugl

    For me zphc and dragon pharma both have been treating me good. From Turkey, I like androlic, blue hearts and pink Thais Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stacking aod 9604 with gh

    Would this be a waste of money? Would it enhance fat loss since aod does that or would the fat burning, muscle building cancel out the aod of gh is at a high dose Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Highest superdrol dose

    What is the highest dose of superdrol you have ran for a period of time? Im running a low dose orally and a high injectible dose Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone try androlic before?

    So far anapolon is my top dog for anadrol. But androlic comes right from a pharmacy. Wondered how it treated people that used it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best dbol you ever had?

    Yeah I know dbol is dbol, but what is the best dbol experience you have had? Mine hands down is Anabol straight from the pharmacy. I have a friend in Turkey and he can buy stuff over the counter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hgh with aod9604 together?

    Would combining these the fat burning of aod9604 and gh with its fat loss and muscle building. Basically, would both together enhanced fat loss or since it’s part of hgh, would they compete against together? Currently running 12ius serostim and would run the 9604 at 500mcg a day Sent from my...
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    Best supplements and medications for a fatty liver

    Hello, I finally found out my stomach distention is bc of a fatty liver. I fast 23 hours a day, taking tudca 2g a day, choline with inisitol 2g a day, nac 2-3g a day and liposomal glutathione. ill have to check to dosage. and 2g of milk thistle a day I also have injectable glutathione. only...
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    Increlex, high blood sugar and Hgh gut

    Hey guys, I was running a ton of serostim for years. Obviously it made my blood sugar out of control. I discontinued gh and added in jardiance and metformin and berberine. I read that increlex (igf1) can help insulin resistance since it lowers blood sugar, but some say it makes the gut worse...
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    Who here has used insolbolic?

    Just curious who here has tried it, dosage, length and results
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    Anyone else here use jardiance (slg2 inhibitor)

    When running high anabolics, super high gh, insolbolic igf1 and trying to put on size ( cabs high) would using berberine, metformin and jardiance altogether be beneficial or kill gains. Btw, jardiance is when your blood sugar is high, you urinate out glucose to get you in normal range faster...
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    What helps with your depression?

    For any of you that have suffered from depression, What has made you feel "happy" or not the feeling of emptiness? I can't see a dr until the end of september. So in the meantime i have some prozac that I'm waiting for it to "kick in" and Lortabs work but they are all around bad news. Any help...
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    Inj vs oral bpc for elbow tendinitis

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    Actual adopotide users?

    Has anyone actually used this stuff? Any adverse sides when not abusing?
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    Dsip users?

    How did you guys likes this peptide for who use it? Any negatives? Also do you adapt to it and what doses do you guys run? And how long does it take to hit? Lastly does it hit like a brick wall or more of a sedative?
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    M1t....holy hell

    I gotta say. Nothing has impressed me in terms of strength as much as this. It doesn’t pack the aggression of mtren or halo but def makes me stronger than both of them and superdrol, anadrol etc. who else loves this stuff?
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    Coming off hydrocodone

    Long story short, I had a serious injury a while back and was started on Oxys then Hydros. Of course I loved the euphoric feeling and ended up at 60mg a day. I have been off 3 days cold Turkey, I can’t sleep and even if I can I feel always exhausted and drained along with an elevated heartbeat ...
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    Euro pharma on vacation...anyone else have m1t?

    Looking for m1t. Both uncle z and psl are out on vacation till mid august. Anyone else have m1t? Doesn’t seem like a lot of people have it
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    Taking inj superdrol orally

    I have injectable superdrol from both behemoth and spectrum. Drugsgear said it can’t be taken orally? They are both in oil is that why? And behemoth won’t answer the question bc it’s for “research “ only
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    5 Calorie grapefruit juice and aas

    We all know grapefruit juice increases bioavailability of orals. Does anyone know if the Diet 5 calorie grapefruit juice still works since i believe the only differences the sugar content?