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  1. weizen

    Can't Wait for Pack to Drop

    Thanks bud. How much do you have to spend, what do you have to run, and for how long for it to be a man’s cycle? Apparently more is better
  2. weizen

    Can't Wait for Pack to Drop

    Yeah. That’s the best kind. I was going to use your wife’s sloppy cunt to start out with. I expect lethargy after a couple weeks. No big deal. I have a plan to get past that plateau. She is kind of homely, so maybe two weeks tops, but this isn’t news to you
  3. weizen

    Can't Wait for Pack to Drop

    Just got word that my vendor is shipping their gear out to me around April 28. Maybe the 29th. Can't wait to get it. Blew about a grand and a half on this one
  4. weizen

    Read the Rules.. bro's getting banned

    Maybe bannings would be taken more seriously if they were categorically applied to all, but we all know how picking and choosing when to follow the rules prevails here
  5. weizen

    Anyone else been having order issues lately?

    Does this count as discussing TA?
  6. weizen

    The Downside to Gear Whoring

    What I really want to know is why it seems like everyone is afraid to drop some names. Be brave and jump on in guys.
  7. weizen

    BAC Water

    Thanks fellas. Found Mountainside
  8. weizen

    BAC Water

    NVM. Found the one I remember hearing about on the board in the past
  9. weizen

    BAC Water

    Where are you guys getting your water for HCG? Liquidation syringe outlet went downhill
  10. weizen

    AI Time????

    Wow. What a thread
  11. weizen

    Test E vs Test P

    Not a believer that any ester is superior or inferior to others. I don't believe these is a good or bad ester for cutting or bulking. I'm sure when you bulk and cut, you do more than change the ester. Your diet and other compounds change. Test is test. Never noticed a difference in PIP either
  12. weizen

    How to Use Sustanon 250

    Old thread, but I read it. I've never brewed, but I'm not sure putting things into solution is quite the way Mike describes it. If a solution can dissolve two different esters separately up to 100mg/ml and no more, I'm not sure its quite as simple as combining both to make 200mg/ml when it can't...
  13. weizen

    Obama summed up

    So funny how butthurt Arnold gets when you talk shit about Trump. Trump dick squatters like him personally so much that they think people who don't support Trump are personally drawn to other politicians like Obama in the same way. You don't hurt anyone's feelings by shitting on other...
  14. weizen

    I need a fast source for an AI

    Check your inbox. Should be full of spam for this sale
  15. weizen


    HCG is pretty inexpensive. You can run it during the entire cycle at a moderate dose or you can blast it at the end right before PCT. I would take it.
  16. weizen

    Cabo is a bitch...

    Can't wait to see this unfold.
  17. weizen

    .. Disgraced ex-Texas republican congressman takes lucrative lobbying post ..

    I don't even have to read this one and I know all about how it pertains to the scumbags in Congress. They leave these doors open to ensure they make even more money when they retire from their 40 years careers in the House and Senate to go and be lobbyists. Fucking hate dirty ass politicians...
  18. weizen

    Fucking A... 25% off

    Don't forget about WADA sticking their fucking nose in areas that don't pertain to sports. Fucking cum rags
  19. weizen

    Who is getting PM's from a guy named The System?

    If it is Arnold, just message him back and tell him to eat shit. He loves that. Always message him back and ask him about the product......but don't forget the eat shit part as discussed