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    My TRT experience

    Not that old that I don't check it brother! Lol one thing that concerns me is my weight. I jumped about 15lbs. I've always been an easy 180 In the winter, And 175 in the summer. Currently sitting at 195 (I'm only 5'7") my numbers are going up everytime I touch the bar though. It's been a while...
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    My TRT experience

    So have any of you experienced edema while on TRT? I'm on week 5 or 6 and this last week I've noticed swelling in my body, mainly fingers and forearms. No other side effects though. I'm not hugely concerned. As it might be related to salt intake. My wife cooked some meatballs and she doesn't...
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    My TRT experience

    Sounds about right 0.7ml /wk of test C which is 200mg/ml (I have no idea how to do the math on that.) Doc recommended taking it as my DHEA-sulfate was on the low end... Let me see ahh 289.0 in a range of 102.6 - 416.3
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    My TRT experience

    Update: so I'm 3 weeks in on my TRT, .35 ml shots 2x/wk. My libido is back (makes my wife happy lol) the last 2 days I've noticed an increased emotional state, and yesterday my nipples started hurting, so started my AI yesterday which is 2x/wk as well. I haven't been working out due to a month...
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    My TRT experience

    I'm 40. Been feeling like total crap for about 4 months, but thinking back I've had a decline in the past 2 years. Small things that didn't add up to much, and I never worried about it. I'm fairly self aware, and was a personal trainer for 5 years. So I have a basic understanding of my own body...
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    My TRT experience

    Ahhh, I worded this post wrong. I gave everyone the idea that I was turned down. My apologies for the confusion. No the doctor approved me. She asked about my symptoms, and they are zero sex drive, brain fog, no emotions. She agreed that technically I'm in range anywhere from 200-936 on LabCorp...
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    My TRT experience

    Well I did my labs, talked to the doc and ordered up my TRT. I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous about this step. My T levels came in at 443 free test was 11 my estradiol level was at the bottom end of the range. She's was low and my thyroid level was at 6. In any event I'm just nervous...
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    Meat Costs “Set To Surge Higher” To Unimaginable Prices

    Hey Guys, also if you have a Restaurant Depot in your area, sign up for a membership. You need a business to do so, but the food cost is extremely helpful. In my area chicken thighs are on sale for $1.29/lb, I'm not a huge breast fan as it tends to be dry, so thighs are more popular in my home...
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    New to The Board - Thinking of Starting Testosterone

    Gentlemen, as a noob here and someone waiting on my labs, I LOVE this conversation, and thank you both for the time and knowledge you both have brought to the table. This is a pure golden thread. Should be pinned as a "how to ask knowledgeable questions to get correct answers threads" I cannot...
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    What tests do I need?

    Hey guys Thank you for the info, took my lab draw on Tuesday they told me it would take about a week. I'm kind of anxious to see what this all says. I ended up with like 11 panels! (from y'alls advice and some from other sources.) Once again thank you
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    David Goggins

    Everytime I listen to his audiobook I get all amped up and think I can take on the world lol.
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    Trans Swimmer SMASHES Records & Wins NCAA Championship

    From what I've seen and read the girls that placed 2nd and 3rd got the cheering while this "first place" finisher got silence. My real concern is the damage done to these ladies mentally and emotionally. No one will stand up, this reminds me of a movie I watched as a kid in high school called...
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    What tests do I need?

    Well, I was looking to do TRT. However my state is kind of a PITA about this. I tried looking at other places but a multitude of reasons I'm saying no....So I figured I'd order up my own blood draws. In any event, what blood tests should I be ordering? I'm guessing I could order --male hormone...
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    Need help with workout

    I don't know if you'll read this seeing as the post date was the 27th, but I'd like to ask what your current program looks like, and how long have you been on this particular routine?
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    Another new guy post

    Hey all! Well I've done my fair share of new guy posts on other forums (motorcycle, hunting, paintball, airsoft, rock climbing, skydiving,) so yes I'll be reading stickies! Anyway I'm 40m from New York. The reason I'm here is to learn. I'm a former personal trainer and now work on aircraft...