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    You DO NOT Need Aromatase Inhibitors on TRT - AI on TRT

    Only way to know is bloodwork. Unfortunately, I convert high myself and usually need an AI on 150-200 per week. The first sign for me is body acne starts popping up
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    PSL is giving away logging opportunities

    Yaaaaaaassssssss hahahahahahahah
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    Proviron or Masteron with Trenbolone (The benefits)

    You can’t beat it! It’s a whole different level
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    Primo or tren

    Nothing will compare to tren.
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    Tren Ace

    Right around 14 days (give it take a day or 2). Good and bad. The bad peaks around week 4 for me but it’s not a terrible in my case. I fucking love tren
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    Sick with Covid. Should I continue taking Sustanon as usual or not?

    I would most definitely continue. You want to keep hormone levels stable and consistent and the virus will clear before you know it anyways.
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    PSl Cialis for years
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    Cycling HCG

    Question for some of the trt/blast and cruise brothers. How many of you cycle HCG to maintain optimal testicular health? I’ve heard and read varying opinions on this. Just wanted to hear some feedback here. Appreciate it brothers
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    Dread Tren D*** helpppp

    Always run a dht like mast or Proviron while running tren. As long as you do that and keep estro and prolactin in line them you shouldn’t have this issue. Now I understand that is not 100% as they are a lot of variables. But juts giving you my experience and what I e learned over the years
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    What cycles are you planning to run this summer?

    All EP line from PSL running the following currently Test E (weeks 1-20)- 450 per week Mast Prop (weeks 5-20)- 400 per week Tren Ace (weeks 5-20)- 65mg EOD CABER- .25 twice per week Aromasin- 10mg E3D I wanted this to be a feel good cycle and only added the trek for nutrient partitioning...
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    Max....my dude..... Not only are you very helpful, you are very optimistic too. Just a good dude that puts smiles on people’s faces and this forum cooks use that. Keep killin it my dude
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    Would you hit it?

    So fucking sexy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Needle change?

    I use the same drawing needle to draw from multiple vials. So for instance.....if I’m running test, Tren and mast....I will put drawing needle on barrel and draw from each one of the 3 vials before I switch to injection needle for the actual pin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How do you guys control your blood pressure while on cycle

    As said already.....Cialis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back The Blue! We Love Cops!

    I’m a white male that works in “corporate America” and I can honestly say that 99% of my interactions with police have been terrible. They have a god complex and have been doing whatever the fuck they want for decades. It’s just now being brought to light because of the easy accessibility to...
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    Bad Lat Injection....Maybe

    Thanks for all the responses brothers. So the swelling has gone down a lot but it’s still slightly swollen at the peak and I can feel slight pain if I press on it. It has never been red, no fever or any real pain or loss of mobility. So I’m just going to give it some time and I’m confident it...
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    Bad Lat Injection....Maybe

    Fellas, Looking for some opinions because I know there are a lot of super knowledgeable guys here. Last Thursday (6days ago) my wife gave me a lat injection and I’ve had some small issuers since. The injection was just a small trt/cruise injection of .3 ml of test e. I’ve taken 3 ml in my lats...
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    A Little PSL TD

    Great gear and great customer service. Why go anywhere else brother. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trying to donate blood

    Update here. Donating as I type this. Cutoff is 20 like mentioned and I was at 18.8. Appreciate the responses Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk