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    Here's all the pics I can find you retards

    Here, I know I photos hopped everything, stole them from the Internet, what else? Do you see bitch tits?? Why don't you haters try stepping on stage?? Scared, you look like shit despite all the drugs or your just an all around looser. And BTW the second pic I was barely 19. Sent from my...
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    Thinking about masters nationals in 2018.

    Well, I started training again on a bet from my wife that I could never get abs again, she lost. That was last Sept and I haven't stopped. She's saying I'm getting too big. I can't help it it's in my blood when I get a little I want more. I started at 5'5" about 140pounds looked absolutely...
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    Man, first bad sides I've ever experienced with tren

    Just switched from hex to tren e and I wake up every morning soaked, it sucks.
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    IM melanotan 2 on backorder what about 1??

    So I wanted to take advantage of the buy 3 get one free on melanotan 2 but it's on back order. Have no idea what type of delay that means?? What about using Melanotan 1, everyone uses 2 so I never looked into one
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    Quick opinions

    I've always wondered about this topic:site injections. I always thought the whole idea of stimulating muscle growth by injecting straight into the problem area was ridiculous. I mean wouldn't you have huge glutes then, if that's where you continually shot. But over the years I have seen...
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    Guess I'm gonna try sticking around with a different approach

    Just saying I decided to stick it out here after talking to some guys through pm. I'm just definitely going to try to change the perception that I'm just a cocky know it all, which I'm not at all. It was my fault I came across like that. And to anyone I had any heated exchanges with, we are good...
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    Psl anadrol

    Listen most probably don't know the background behind this whole thing and yes I'm fuckin pissed and yes I hate this vision dude but I would never trash anyone's product on an open forum even if it the product was crap. I made that mistake during a heated argument, said psl anadrol I used a few...
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    Sexual sides

    All right, I definitely need a little help. I'm at week 3 of 750 test cyp, 300 tren hex and 50mgs of anadrol a day. Needless to say, I just started to start growing like a weed and getting leaner at the same time. But anyway. I cannot cum, can't, no matter what I do, how long I go how much porn...
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    Primo pills

    I have no desire to use this right now but I always wondered why the body is able to assimilate this oral when all the other orals(well I guess not anavar so throw that in with you explanation) had to be modified to do a double pass through the liver making them more liver toxic. What's...
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    Week 2 liquid anadrol

    I've been testing out Robolics labs liquid oral anadrol. The first week was really promising went up 5 pounds in bodyweight strength up. But the second week wasn't what I expected I continued to gain strength and I have to admit I'm eating pretty clean and my bf is low so I'm not doing a full...
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    Coconut oil

    I've been reading alot about good fats to add to my diet. The info I get on coconut oil is all over the place.. One article it's God's gift, medium chain triglycerides that give you energy and don't burn the same as other saturated fats. Then other articles demonizing it, saying it's no better...
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    Robo liquid anadrol

    Today is my 6th day on 50mgs of his liquid adrol. Today my strength shot up and my weight bounced up close to 5 pounds. Verdict not in but very good signs. That's how real anadrol is supposed to work. Also I was feeling some gyno, wasn't taking any estrogen control. I hit 2.5 Mgs of letro two...
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    Training schedules

    Hey, just interested in what is the norm these days or what alot of u guys are using as training schedule. I've pretty much settled on a chest/tris, back, traps, shoulders/bis and legs eo week. I do legs every other week because they grow so fast and get really strong really quick. I'm not...
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    Tren hex

    I know alot of you guys want to know about the tren hex i just started so I'm going to keep u updated. Just did 2cnd shot and I got that nasty back of the throat feeling (almost as bad as tren cough from tren a). So I would say there is tren in it. I also started the liquid anadrol. 1cc(50mgs)...
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    Should I just go for it????

    I'm on 750mgs of test right now, I just started tren hex and I have some of robo liquid anadrol sitting here. He garunteed me it was on the money 50mgs per ml. It's oral BTW. Even told me he'd send my money back if I don't like it. So, now I'm thinking should I just add the adrol, say fuck it...
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    Just started tren hex

    Trying to get harder looking for the better weather coming, so I upped my test to 750 a few weeks ago and yesterday I started tren hex. I'm really curious about this, I was scared to try it for awhile cause I didn't believe it could really be parabolin. I haven't done parabolin since maybe...
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    Just to let everyone who used viagra and pays those ridiculous prices at the pharmacy or takes their chances with a research product. I found out three months ago that there is a generic form of viagra(sidenefil citrate) at 20mg tabs. I got 30 last month for 9.99$ at my pharmacy paying cash...
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    Yo, thanks Macedog24

    Just wanted to say thanks to Mace. He really is going out of his way to answer a question for me. You're always appreciated bro.
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    Aldactone or aldactizide

    I know no one can answer this question on the open forum but if anyone has a place to order either of these(either domestic or international) shoot me a pm. Neither are controlled substances so I would expect I could probably look and find it. Just would rather not get ripped off. Thanks guys
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    Donating blood??

    I keep reading about guys donating blood. I'm ignorant about why you do this. What is the reason and benefit behind it. One thing I never heard back in the day. Never too old to learn something.