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  1. Gracieboy

    Back from surgery

    Hello all, Im back from distal bicep rupture surgery. Its been a long painful 4 months but im ready to get back to the grind. I was looking for advice on getting started back. Im not sure how aggressively to be at this stage and to be honest i think I might be a little gun shy. My Dr. Said...
  2. Gracieboy

    Looking for answers

    Well, Bad day for me. I just left the ER and i have a distal bicep rupture. Ill see my surgeon on Monday and i expect to have surgery early next week. Im hoping someone can answer this question, will you ever be able to lift again after this type of injury? If so, will i always be prone to...
  3. Gracieboy

    made it through

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I made it through my triple hernia surgery today. All went well and I'm home, in bed and my balls are already hurting pretty bad. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow that's for sure. Anyway, thanks for the recent advice and words of encouragement, I cant...
  4. Gracieboy

    nervous about surgery

    Well I left the surgeons office today and was confirmed having 3 hernias, two inguinal and one umbilical. I'm having all three fixed at the same time. Has anyone else gone thru this? I'm not sure what to expect? Thanks
  5. Gracieboy

    Wow! wtf happened?

    Wow! I disappeared for a few months to take care of an elderly parent and when I come back I don't recognize a single sponsor. What happened to everyone?
  6. Gracieboy

    Vette owners

    So, I finally got permission from the wifey to buy a vette. Just wondering who else has one? I bought a 2008 c6 z51 M6 LS3. Love it!!
  7. Gracieboy

    super bowl contest TD!!

    Got my pack today. I can't wait to try these out. Thanks to GR and Socal for the help. Much thanks
  8. Gracieboy

    What's with the smell?

    My cycle is tren a -100 mg eod , test prop - 50 mg eod , mast p - 100 mg eod & var - 80 mg ed. I don't have any problems with anything other than night sweats and I'm cool with that however, it's stinks like shit!! My pillowcase smells like a jug of sour milk.. wtf?? Any ideas on this...
  9. Gracieboy

    Finally made it

    well I finally found some extra time to set myself up on ASF. Looks a liitle busier than IMF.Looking forward to meeting some new people