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  1. Jaredb

    Becoming the Iron Lion

    Must be something going around or just that time of year I've had the same as far as sore throat but thats it
  2. Jaredb

    Our brother ROID

    Damn it seemed like he was battling some demons , may he rest in peace and condolences to his family
  3. Jaredb

    Becoming the Iron Lion

    I'll be following [emoji106] I admire the hard work I always see you putting in
  4. Jaredb

    Protein brownie cake

    That looks bomb dude [emoji106] This is great if you have those fat kid cravings like I do for me I work nights and I eat good all day but once I get off in the morning I have a sweet tooth from hell need to give something like that a try
  5. Jaredb

    Best overall protein powder shake??

    Very true I remember looking at the ingredients, so much unnecessary bullshit and fillers in it
  6. Jaredb

    V’s Fall Extravaganza

    Subbed [emoji106] you have a great physique dude
  7. Jaredb


    That series looks awesome I saw the trailer for it and was telling my girl we need to watch it.
  8. Jaredb


    Uh oh [emoji15]
  9. Jaredb

    Ace anavar

    Nice glad to see you're liking it [emoji106] I still haven't messed with any oral steroids yet but I have some anapolon 50s in the drawer waiting for me when I decide to try them out [emoji1434]
  10. Jaredb

    Ace td

    Haha I get that man
  11. Jaredb

    Ace td

    Cutting cycle?
  12. Jaredb

    Ace td

    Oh I see. Nice [emoji108]
  13. Jaredb

    Ace td

    Nice what tops did ya get ?
  14. Jaredb

    Wtf. Tore my Tricep off today...

    Damn sorry to hear that bro wish you a quick recovery
  15. Jaredb

    King labs

  16. Jaredb

    Gh testing

    Nice im interested in seeing the results and how you like them I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on them or ace heard good things about both
  17. Jaredb


    I take 10mg a day but a lot of people use 5mg a day
  18. Jaredb

    Equipoise hunger

    I'm running eq for the first time only at 500 mg a week with test and mast and my delts have really capped out compared to before. I dig eq and I do notice it makes my fat kid sweet tooth a little harder to control but that could be just me lol
  19. Jaredb

    EP Touchdown! (Some cool new products included)

    Damn ill have to give it a go one of these times. If I may ask whats your other favorite compound?
  20. Jaredb

    EP Touchdown! (Some cool new products included)

    Sounds like a good one id have to try sometime , im doing test eq mast atm