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  1. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    OK well after a little wait my eq has arrived and none too soon getting started right away....Also grabbed some winny and adex which I forgot to throw into the pic but no worries bout that its the sweet oil we all wanna see anyway hehehehe. Thanks for the extra winny it's much appreciated and...
  2. Abombs

    7 Dead

    Horrible motorcycle crash up in New Hampshire during Laconia bike week. These dudes got plowed thru by someone in a pickup truck. Sure hope this wasn't an intentional act they all belonged to the same Motorcycle club, and they were all ex Marines. 7 dead and a few seriously hurt
  3. Abombs

    Gh heat test results

    GH heat test results are in and can be found here in the PSL thread http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/showthread.php/89721-GH-Test-On-PSL-Black-Tops
  4. Abombs

    Gh heat test results

    GH heat test results are in and can be found here http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/showthread.php/89721-GH-Test-On-PSL-Black-Tops
  5. Abombs

    Test results

    The test results are in on the room temp GH test http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/showthread.php/89721-GH-Test-On-PSL-Black-Tops
  6. Abombs

    GH Test On PSL Black Tops

    So when PSL was offering their Black Top GH locally I was able to grab a kit and I've decided to break them out for a little test. Does anyone really know what happens to our generic Growth Hormone if we leave it out for a long period of time after it's reconstituted? Norditropin pens can be...
  7. Abombs

    Review for Noopept

    Well I'm down to just a couple of more days of the Noopept I had ordered from PSL so time to give a review. This compound like any compound is going to be different for everyone, and this review is my honest take on how I reacted to it that's all. I have previously used Modafinil the 200mg...
  8. Abombs

    Don't Forget Caber

    Forgot to add some Caber into my last order so I went ahead and said fuck it and ordered them anyways. Super small order but didn't wanna wait any longer for em....Thanks again PSL :cool:
  9. Abombs

    Some psl love

    A little TD to make the day complete once again excellent customer service thanks guys....Love those Omna's and can't wait to try the Noopept :D
  10. Abombs

    Bloodwork on SIS Test 300

    So I picked up this bottle of SIS Labs Test E 300 after winning an auction and decided since I've never run this brand I'd do some labs and see how it looked. First off they have a solid presentation from the packing to the look of the gear, but at the end of the day it's about how it preforms...
  11. Abombs

    Fast is Fast

    Decided to try PSL'S fast service so I put this small little test order in to see if in fact fast was fast, and I can happily report that the claims of being fast have been verified it was here fast!! Thanks PSL for another smooth transaction :)
  12. Abombs

    Euro's and t4

    The mail brought a smile to my face this morning...Thanks PSL for the awesome sale I took advantage of the $150 sale to pick up this kit and some T4. The plan is to take this kit and run 4iu's a day until it's gone which would be about 25 days, and then have an IGF test done to see where it...
  13. Abombs

    Auction TD

    Picked up some goodies from SIS from the auction I won the other week....Thanks to Allex and PharmaCom :D:D:D
  14. Abombs

    Eurotropin Serum Results OUTSTANDING!!

    Here are the results from this morning serum test - 35.5....The results speak for themselves OUTSTANDING!! 10iu's injected into left biceps and blood drawn 3.5 hours later. Discussions with Vision led me to do the injection into the biceps instead of the shoulder as there is a possibility that...
  15. Abombs

    Eurotropin GH

    Nice little td today can't wait to see how well this GH tests out I've seen some respectable numbers with this brand....Thanks for all ur help Vision I appreciate it
  16. Abombs

    Thank you vision

    I just wanted to post up here and give a public THANK YOU to Vision for spending some time sharing his knowledge with me. I had some questions regarding the area of GH and he was nice enough to give me some of his time and help me work through some of the issues and questions I have regarding...
  17. Abombs

    Serum Results On Ace Blacktops

    So here are the results from Serum Test on Ace's Blacktops test administered 3 hours after injecting 10iu's while fasting
  18. Abombs

    Minor TD

    Here is the latest in my attempts at stocking up for the upcoming blast a little Tren A to go with the test suspension and test cyp that I got earlier. I had to piecemeal this stash together but I'm almost there. Thanks again GC it was a quick turnaround as usual, and the test suspension was...
  19. Abombs

    Prayers Answered!!

    Way to go Gear Church :clapping::clapping::clapping: Now that was some service right there. A little Test Suspension along with a couple of Test Cyp...Lightning quick couldn't ask for better service if the gear matches the service which based on every review here I'm sure it will I think we have...
  20. Abombs

    Anyone Tried GC Test Suspension

    I'm looking for some feedback from anyone who may have tried GC Test Suspension. I'm not concerned with whether or not it's GTG because based on the reviews of everything else he has I have no doubt it will be on point. I'm interested to hear how well it draws thru a 25g pin, and if that works...