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  1. frank the tank

    roid + and gen shi

    I've been hearing that roid + and gen shi are under dosed and purity is not up to par. Has anyone gotten blood test done while on these products? Good or bad.
  2. frank the tank

    eq as a carrier oil?

    I was reading someone using eq as a carrier oil. Eq come in a liquid form andthey used it as a carrier. 500mg of eq 250mg of test 250mg of tren 1000mg holy shit
  3. frank the tank

    encrypted email options

    Encrypted Email Options There's really only one way to ensure upthat your emails are kept confidential....encrypt them. The two most popular forms of email encryption are OpenPGP and S/MIME. Encryption scrambles your email into something unintelligible that only someone who has the correct...
  4. frank the tank

    accutane domestic?

    I'm trying to find good accutane domestic. Anyone have any good sources.
  5. frank the tank

    Going from tren-a to tren-e

    Ok i'm pinning 50mg eod of tren-a and 100mg of tren-e mixed with 400mg of test-400 blend twice a week.now when I drop the tren-a do I have to up my tren-e say 150 to 200mg a week? To keep the tren level stable.or is it ok to keep the tren-e at 200mg a week. Thanks for any help.
  6. frank the tank

    Tren-a kicker for tren-e

    This is going to be my 1st time trying tren I was wondering if I could use tren-a as a kicker for tren-e like I do test-prop for test-e.