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  1. Catman2020


    Super fast shipping, clear communication, quick email replies! I will most definitely be back keep up the good work!
  2. Catman2020

    Bicept tear

    So about 2 1/2 months ago i tore my distal bicep tendon, luckily my va doctor is a fucking retard and turned my mri in as a shoulder tear and long story short to late to fix. Im no stranger to tears i have a torn pec and a tear in my shoulder which are both from a injury i got in the military...
  3. Catman2020

    Test time

    That time of the year again I need to reup my test collection. I went with JP last year, what has everyone been using? Im only running 75 mg every five days, was using test enanthate thinking of switching to cypionate. Seems like alot of people prefer this to the others. Any suggestions on...
  4. Catman2020

    JP test e blood work

    So just got my results today I have been running 200mg jp test e a week for the last few months. Wanted to see where i was running 200 so i will have a good idea of where to be for my next cruise. Going to be staying on this amount till end of july then down to probably around 100-125 mgs...
  5. Catman2020

    Protein Powder

    So question about you all and your protein. I know there are reasons to eat many different types of protein sources for vitamin, fiber, gut health reasons but what if someone gets 90% of their protein from just whey protein powder? I do this from time to time and only eat yogurt and cottage...
  6. Catman2020


    Just got a script for this for some hairloss/ minor acne treatment. Are there any guys currently using it and if so where is a good place to start. As of now they have me using 1mg daily and i have 90 days worth also have minoxidil. Just curious if anyone here has much experience with it or...
  7. Catman2020

    Connor murphy

    Saw a video where conner murphy said he was eating his own shit and piss for the health benefits. Just curious if anyone here has given this a try? I accidentally pissed on my hand at planet fitness today and didn’t wash it, i swear my squat was way higher than normal [emoji106](45 and a 25...
  8. Catman2020

    Spinach life hack

    Just thought i would let everyone in on a little hack. I know spinach is pretty much a superfood that everyone should be eating but i cant do it. It tastes like shit when its cooked and slimy anyway i have tried cooking it with other food and its nasty. Now i drink it about everyday. The...
  9. Catman2020

    Post gyno surgery log

    So haven’t done a log since i joined the forum but i believe its time. Currently 14 days post gyno surgery and semi happy with results. As of now i still feel that a little gyno is left in right pec or maybe scar tissue who knows but at the end of the day it still looks way better. Now that...
  10. Catman2020

    Gyno gone

    Finally got this shit cut out, only been one day but looks normal now can’t believe I waited this long. Probably gonna only where white shirts for months lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Catman2020

    Gyno surgery price

    So I decided on a surgeon today and was quoted a total of $5,050.00 for the surgery. Just incision and cut the gland out, no vaser or liposuction. I was worried it would be more, so sounded good to me and scheduled it for mid march. Gives me time to loose a little more fat before then, that...
  12. Catman2020

    Blood Test Cost Average

    So I have already spent $210.00 this year on blood tests. I also have them done at work and through my doc/insurance yet i still buy 2 to 4 extras a year. On average how much do you guys spend on blood tests? I know that my health supplements and bloods triple the cost of my “gear” each year...
  13. Catman2020

    New Source Fair Testing

    So question is i just put in an order with a new source and want to give them a fair assessment of their gear. Gonna continue to cruise on 250mgs test e, when is the best time to test the new gear. After the first shot how long should I give it before i post my test (hormone cbc ) results...
  14. Catman2020

    Before/After Cholesterol supplements

    Thought i would share what a difference some supplements made on my overall cholesterol levels. Last November on the 20th i posted a pic of my bloods while on cycle with no real health supplement s outside of omega3, and things pertaining to muscle growth at the time i was on 250mgs/week of...
  15. Catman2020

    Vaultek pharmacy

    Anyone ever buy from these guys back in the day? I’m looking for a new lab that uses the same mixture as the one pictured with the same compounds mixture. Starting a blast next month and could use some feedback for a new lab who has a good reputation on the forum. This stuff was the bomb lol...
  16. Catman2020

    Test prop cruise

    So just wondering if anyone has done a short cruise on test propionate. I have been on 250 mgs/ week cruise of test e for about 3 months, I have two full bottles of test prop100mg/ml and don’t want it to go to waste. Does anyone ever use this on a cruise and how often would you inject? Don’t...
  17. Catman2020

    Harassment in the gym

    Has anyone else ever been a victim of sexual harassment in the gym, and if so how did you deal with it? Afraid to go to gym tonight and do my leg workout. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Catman2020

    Blood Test

    So got a normal routine blood test yesterday to do a check on whats going on. I am currently taking 500 mgs test e week, and 25 mg of anavar split up twice a day. This is day 21 of my cycle cruise blast whatever you want to call it. Done with the anavar for now gonna take a break maybe go...
  19. Catman2020


    So do you guys split your dose or all at once? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Catman2020

    Costa vs izzy

    Who does everybody have tonight? Hope costa flatlines that mofo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk