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  1. ScreaminEagle27

    Info on GH appreciated

    I know a little about it and would like to learn more to see if its something worth trying. From my understanding, it really takes around 2-3 months to notice/see benefits, and at 2-4IU daily I could get a potential recovery boost, better sleep, fat loss, better skin etc. the list goes on. In...
  2. ScreaminEagle27

    Help mixing HCG

    Can someone walk me through mixing HCG in bacteriostatic water? Just got a vial of HCG 5000iu, looking to do 250iu 2x a week and have no clue how to mix properly. Incase you need the info, all my syringes are 1ML
  3. ScreaminEagle27

    Muscle Gelz INCINERATE arrived!

    Shipping was lightning fast per expected. Cant wait to try these out. Thanks again wes!
  4. ScreaminEagle27

    Boosting natural test levels

    Didnt know what sub to post this in, sorry if its the wrong one- Little bit of backstory, had a shit ton of health problems as a kid (reflux issues, absorption issues, had a severe allergy to chicken and eggs that I somehow outgrew) Grew up as the fat kid (not obese, but constantly sitting...
  5. ScreaminEagle27

    School me on HCG

    From what ive pieced together so far it replicates the chemical secreted from the pituitary gland that tell your balls to produce more test. Ive heard this is a must for PCT(obviously paired with a SERM like nolva for example). Ive also heard that HCG is supressive itself. Can HCG be used to...
  6. ScreaminEagle27

    Whatsup ASF!

    What is going on everyone! Just stumbled upon this forum. Glad to be a member! Am a newbie lifter, dieter etc. Learning how my body regulates hormones etc. Ill be posting questions soon!