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  1. J


    Are there any sources that have ralox tabs or caps? I know DS has Evista and I will likely grab a few packs eventually, just not in the position to spend $250 minimum order right now. Thanks in advance guys
  2. J

    [RESOLVED - see first post edit] Basicso STOLE over $500 in bitcoin from meter

    Long story short, I placed an order for 3 vials of primo and 2 test. When you place an order you are provided with a delivery address and an amount of bitcoin to send. I payed for my order in bitcoin and Basicstero is trying to tell me that it was not sent to them. I sent it to the exact address...
  3. J

    PharmaComStore Dragon Pharma Test C and Winny Blood Test Results

    Hi all, I was running 50mg of dragon pharma winny a day along with 500mg of dragon pharma test cyp that I purchased from PharmaComStore and here are my blood test results 4 weeks into the cycle. I loved both products and will definitely be ordering through PharmaComStore again.