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  1. Abombs

    Attention all members. Stay away from bigmills

    Fuck dude good looking out bro...yea I'm still lurking :cool:
  2. Abombs

    Please delete

  3. Abombs

    Nathan De Asha Out of 2019 Olympia, Pleads Guilty To Illegally Distributing Steroids

    From what I read on that case the couple who owned that gym were dealing Ecstasy and cocaine out of there as well, and the guy got jail and the wife got a suspended sentence, but whatever his connection was they're probably gonna squeeze him to give up his sources or do a little time himself
  4. Abombs

    Death after misuse of anabolic substances (clenbuterol, stanozolol and metandienone)

    That's some scary shit but once again just because the guy used AAS does not mean the drugs caused his death. In his case they most likely played a role in his death for sure, but the mainstream media likes to grab a hold of these stories and run with them because they make for good theater. The...
  5. Abombs

    So my son comes home from school?

    Remember the Civil War never happened either, and let's not forget the all time great we can no longer call them manhole covers they are now called maintenance covers...
  6. Abombs

    To ALL ASF and BOP bros.

    :roflmao:.....Love it bro you are worth the price of admission and then some fucking spot on as always...:cool:
  7. Abombs

    Mega dosing hgh and insulin

    Mega dosing insulin.....Oh shit I can't wait to see how this turns out...I know one thing if I didn't fucking already need it I wouldn't use it it's a pain in the ass to keep the water at bay when u ur insulin usage gets up there....following...this is gonna be intersting
  8. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    Thanks I will def do that I appreciate the advice bro I check my BP daily as it is and I'm already on BP meds now so that's something that's watched like a hawk anyways...Thanks tho appreciate the input Never heard of eq causing anxiety but shit I'll def keep an eye out for...
  9. Abombs

    NJ Doctor Goes to Prison for Prescribing Steroids to Bodybuilders

    That same week more than a dozen coke dealers had their cases dismissed....and the dog and pony show continues
  10. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    I read some shit on that as well but ain't venturing up as high as 3 that's for sure
  11. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    I get the squirrel amounts keeps my nuts from being stolen by the fuckers in customs
  12. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    I'll let u know I'm feeling really good right now but we're only going into week 4 here and the plan is between 12-16 weeks depending on how it's going. I'm running test alongside of it and at the moment the test is a combination of sus and prop. Sus is mon/thur I started at 1g a wk but dropping...
  13. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    Nah if it was fake there'd be like 40 bottles there and me lying in the middle with a pin hanging out of my glutes, quads, delts, chest, tri's, and bi's :roflmao:
  14. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    Well above 1,200 hows that
  15. Abombs

    Some EQ Love

    OK well after a little wait my eq has arrived and none too soon getting started right away....Also grabbed some winny and adex which I forgot to throw into the pic but no worries bout that its the sweet oil we all wanna see anyway hehehehe. Thanks for the extra winny it's much appreciated and...
  16. Abombs

    Trangender Bodybuilder Janae Kroc to compete in Bodybuilding again

    :whatthefuck:Holy shit....what is going on here
  17. Abombs

    Jeremy Buendia to sue Kenny KO

    Boy this thing is turning into a real bitch fight isn't it? :gayfight:
  18. Abombs

    Brand new

    That's a fucking fact!!...Damn that wall comes quick after 40........Welcome to the board bro good luck with ur goals
  19. Abombs

    Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell

    I hear ya there!! protective custody in prison does not mean they are safe from the ultimate justice that's coming for them just look at what happened to that priest in Massachusetts who pled guilty to raping all of those kids. He was in the protective custody unit and the guards took an...
  20. Abombs

    Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell

    His cellmate was pretty jacked I could see him wrapping his hands around Epsteins throat and choking him out this was what he looked like when he got arrested.