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  1. CalorieKiller22

    Me reppin huge b4 contest.

    So alpha had the dudes mirin hard. https://www.facebook.com/ohshatt/videos/1167203823347054/
  2. CalorieKiller22

    Injury going into pct

    Well to make it short, I just finished up my 2nd cycle of twelve weeks. Got my diet dialed in this time and gained 22 pounds and I'm stayed dry and lean for the most part. I ran a little dbol and test phenyl-prop. Last Wednesday I started my hcg while waiting my for the test to clear and start...
  3. CalorieKiller22

    More net security

    Figured I'd throw this out their if anyone is worried about information just sitting around in someone's email box, a way to get around that is to create a message through https://temp.pm/ and email the link, after message is viewed, it deletes itself so just the link is sitting in the email...
  4. CalorieKiller22

    Help with a few routines

    I know most people charge for this but if anyone is willing to help that be great. To start off there a few body parts I have trouble getting a good pump with my equiptment at home, I know it's there I just would like someone to point me in the right direction with the equiptment I have...
  5. CalorieKiller22

    Blood advice

    Everything looks good to me just curious as to my estradiol, I am taking aromasin 12.5 every day but sometimes I miss a day. So maybe 5 days a week. If I get consistent on this would it bring it down to acceptable or should I look into a different dose. It would be hard to take less than 25mg Ed...
  6. CalorieKiller22

    ? About bloodwork

    I was on 300eod tpp.. I had suspicions a few bottles may have been underdosed so I held out till labs were due, and I finished a bottle the day before labs. I didn't want to open a new one and used a different brand instead , it was 125 I used at around 8/9pm and had bloods taken at 4pm the...
  7. CalorieKiller22

    Why gains dimish towards end of cycle?

    Does anyone have any info to back this up. A few thoughts I came up with is that your body is reaching a stable point with the calories your eating, the weight your lifting. Also you could be building a tolerance to test (try finding a solid answer on this) so if the first scenario is correct...
  8. CalorieKiller22

    Icon meals

    I know they aren't a sponser but figured I'd give them some props. Completed a vacations worth of meal prep, and had a huge storm come through and knockout the power in my area. Got so frustrated I didn't feel like cooking and prepping again. I remembered a page I had saved from hughs log with a...
  9. CalorieKiller22

    Ultimate home gym!!

    Love the social aspect and variety of the local gyms but sometimes I'm not feelin it, and I still need to train. So I'm building my own gym in my house. Let me know what you guys would add for your own ultimate home setup!! Marcy cage , for a Marcy product, it's not to shabby, sturdy overall no...
  10. CalorieKiller22


    For those like me who couldn't decide wether it's safe to use mfl anymore I gotta say this time is exceptional. Shipped w tracking number same day as payment made. Much better than my experience last fall. And after reading all the posts lately I was cringing to think I have to get out of my...
  11. CalorieKiller22

    the Lips versus The Lips

    Well, we know that the same skin cells that make up a mouth are the same kind that make up your vagina. I read this on a Facebook thread and remembered how my girlfriend would cover her lips because I always said the color or lips always match the color of pussy lips, the more research I...
  12. CalorieKiller22

    Body parts falling asleep

    I met a guy at the gym today who was complaining that when on cycle he wakes up constantly with body parts asleep from very little pressure. Like his feet would be numb from his heels laying on the bed... Anyone experienced this? To me this says circulation problems.. High hematocrit.. Either...
  13. CalorieKiller22

    The third nip?

    Ok so I got this thing on my aeriola which looks like a pimple, but it's not, it's closer to the outer edge than my actual nipple but parallel to it. It's been there since I was a teen and if I squeeze it every now and then a minuscule amount of liquid comes out , for the longest time I kept...
  14. CalorieKiller22

    High rep lower weight vs lower reps high weight

    I have always been taught to put on size I need to lift heavy with proper form. Don't laugh but I was watching a rich piana and ric drasin vid and they mentions that while on cycle it could be more beneficial to do lower weight with higher reps. After hearing that I do recall getting better...
  15. CalorieKiller22

    Advice for your first cycle

    Every on this board with sense will probably tell you the cycle info in here regardless of anything, it is your first cycle: http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/showthread.php/184-First-Cycle-and-PCT-2012 And if you are under 25 try this read as well ...
  16. CalorieKiller22

    Arguing with Arnold

  17. CalorieKiller22

    Drawing with an 18g, puncture in silicone/ rubber stopper

    Seems to leave a good sized hole. While drawing a negligible amount leaks out. Would this be a concern for contamination. After I draw I can't see through the hole but you can definatley see where the puncture was made. Anyone else experience this and should I staRt drawing with a smaller pin. I...
  18. CalorieKiller22

    Auto retracting needle.

    Anyone ever used these? It seems like I waste just a little bit of oil because the needle pops up into the syringe right when plunger is depressed 100%. I don't see a ton of oil left but there are traces. Anyone ever dealt with this?
  19. CalorieKiller22

    M4BTeam hcg

    Anyone had any experience with these guys? I took a chance and placed an order on some hcg. The product in the the photo looked legit.. It was in Chinese but physically looked to be correct. The product sent was not the kit on the website, shocker!!, but three loose vials not labeled or...
  20. CalorieKiller22

    When to get bloodwork done

    I want to check my estrogen and test levels once the tests has stabilized in my blood stream. I have been on 70ml test prop ed for 6 days. Have purchased bloodwork, when would it be good to go in and get blood drawn for an accurate " on cycle " reading