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  1. Plt


    I was just wondering if any one has tried Blackstones labs new trenabol? How was the gains from this, as well as any sides that they may have had.
  2. Plt

    replacement therapy

    I have been given a unique opportunity to present a policy and procedure for testosterone replacement therapy to my employer. My direct chairperson is liberally active with the progression of hormone replacement with in both male and female. My female counterpart has been given the opportunity...
  3. Plt

    which way to go.....

    I have been speaking with a few people over the last few months regarding the best way to lift... Doing a few body parts at a time (the push/leg/pull). Vs. The one body part a day... I have always thought the push/leg/pull was a better way to go, however looking at the people whom I have been...
  4. Plt

    w 00 t

    Don't be jealous!
  5. Plt

    new cycle and hopefully with log

    Looking to start cycle in Jan, and maybe log it here. Cycle will look some thing like this; The Cycle 1-4 Test E 500mg/wk 5-8 Test E 750mg/wk 9-10 Test E 1000/wk 1-4 Test Propionate 100mg EOD 11 and 12 Test Prop 100mg ED 1-4 Abol 50mg/ed 2-10 Anavar 100ed 1-10 Aromasin 12.5mg/ed PCT 9-10...
  6. Plt

    Looking at new cycle

    Looking to start a new cycle. I have heard many great things about tren ace, so I thought I would give it a try... So how does this look for a first cycle of tren ace? Test prop 100mg EOD tren ace 50mg EOD weeks 1-5 tren ace 75mg EOD weeks 6-10 anavar 50mg ED weeks 5-10 amerasin 12.5 ED will...
  7. Plt

    Bump and Run

    What is your favorite bump and run cycle? I have ran an eight week small cycle, Test Prop 100 Anavar 50 Winny 50 For a small bump and run, the gains where pretty good!
  8. Plt

    Cool deal

    This should prove to be a useful section
  9. Plt

    * Fadogia Agrestis vs HCG

    While most people would agree that using HCG is far better in getting things going after an AAS cycle or a cycle that shuts down the natural production of test. How ever like the use of research chems, the use of Fadogia Agrestis is becoming a popular route, as there is no injections, and it is...
  10. Plt

    Thick oil

    So after I received the lab's results to find out what I was injecting, I started a cycle using MrP GQ Test E 300. I found the oil to be thick as hell. I heated up the vial thinking it would tapper the thickness slightly, however it did not. I ended up using a 23gauge just to get the oil into...
  11. Plt

    training thoughts

    In my studies, and working with some MD's in sport medicine, about the only thing we can agree on (as far as weight lifting goes) is the amount of rest a person needs after lifting, and to build muscle you have to get the muscle to hypertrophy. We can agree that a person needs between 5 and 7...
  12. Plt

    The best ever

    People with this board are great, they look and see what is needed and go for it!! Thank you
  13. Plt

    Thank you!

    A big freakin thank you for putting this up!
  14. Plt

    New section?

    Would it be possiable to put up a section to have a place to talk about work outs?
  15. Plt

    Cutting Cycle

    Looking at a cutting cycle soon, 1-10 Test Prop at 100mg EOD 1-10 Masteron Prop at 100mg EOD 1-10 Primo 500mg/wk 1-6 Anavar 80mg/ed 4-10 Winstrol 50mg/ed 1-15 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD PCT 12 Clomid 100mg ed 13/14 Clomid 75mg/ed 15 Clomid 50mg/ed Am I forgetting any thing?
  16. Plt

    time between cycles

    Have a question regarding time on vs time off cycle. I have been looking at a cycle of Test E for 10 weeks with a 4 week PCT with a bottle of Osta, followed by a bridge of Osta solo for 4 weeks going into another 10 week Test E cycle.. Question is-- is bridging like this a good idea? And how...
  17. Plt

    Winstrol vs. Anavar

    Was thinking of a cycle where it starts off with test e at 500/wk, and increases to 750mg/wk, EQ at 500mg/wk, kick starting this with a Dbol of 50mg/ed, ending the cycle with a Winstrol 50mg/ed, some has said to not to use the Winstrol but use Anavar at 70mg/ed, and then again use both starting...