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    Flash lab

    Any feedback on flash lab?
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    Deca D cure?

    Hey guys, I’ve been on TRT for almost 2 years. About 8 months ago I decided to do a cycle of Deca 200 mixed with testosterone enanthate 300. I did this for roughly 2 months. I did not use my TRT testosterone, while I was on this. Ever since I’ve had ED problems. It was really bad at first but...
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    Advice TRT to next step

    Im 44 been on TRT for a year. Test cyp 200 mg a week. Recently got some sustanon 250 also some tren forte 200. Also take .5 mg Anastrozole a week. My plan is to replace my cyp 200 a week with sustanon 250 and run that a little higher than my TRT. Any recommendations? I was considering a super...