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  1. frank the tank

    GrAnabolic Super Bowl Contest!! (Fuck Dema [emoji8])

    Panthers. 31 Denver. 17
  2. frank the tank

    !!!!!!!!!!!!Super Bowl Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1.Heads 2.Panthers 3.No 4.Yes 5.No 6.Yes 7.No 8.Panthers 9. 47
  3. frank the tank

    Dragon Pharma

    Do your bloods about 7 weeks in. You should be at least over 5k. I've used dragon pharm from EK. And i thought it was under doused I've seen blood work done on dragon most if not all came back under doused.
  4. frank the tank

    Dragon Pharma

    If it's properly doused you should be closer to 7k https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/math-question-about-test-and-blood-levels.134356260/
  5. frank the tank

    Auction: 50 amps Norma Test E

  6. frank the tank

    Auction: 50 amps Norma Test E

    I'll forget about this on Thursday and miss bidding.
  7. frank the tank

    Auction: 50 amps Norma Test E

  8. frank the tank

    Super Bowl Contest

    Pats45 SH 28
  9. frank the tank

    Loaded syringes through the airline

    Not sure if that's a good idea. If your traveling in the states ship it to your destination
  10. frank the tank

    Who is your source now?

    I went private Adonis or dna labs great gear great price
  11. frank the tank

    Anger probs and irritability?

    I'm pretty good on test. tren on the other hand I'm an asshole but I don't care.
  12. frank the tank

    GrAnabolic NFL contest!!!

    Count me in if there is room
  13. frank the tank

    What gym do you currently work out at?

    La fitness we chalk up drop weights manager is a power lifter he doesn't care.
  14. frank the tank

    I've never fucked a 10...

    Everyone's 10 is different we all have different taste in women. I had my share in 10s cost me lots of $$$. We all pay for it one way or another. I just rather pay for it upfront. No drama. Lol.
  15. frank the tank

    roid + and gen shi

    On a review forum saw two bloods of roid + prop come back bunk. Seen some mass spectrometry test on tren e come back 70% purity at 100 mg.ml
  16. frank the tank

    roid + and gen shi

    I've been hearing that roid + and gen shi are under dosed and purity is not up to par. Has anyone gotten blood test done while on these products? Good or bad.
  17. frank the tank

    Super Bowl pool $500 in gear go grab a box

    Come on guys and girls. Pick a number it's free.
  18. frank the tank

    So how big do yalls arms measure

    17" at 5 7" 190 lbs 12%bf 47 yo.